My experience with tarot cards started in 2002. After 9/11 in 2001, I was enguled in a state of panic and mental anguish just like the rest of the country and the world. As we entered 2002, I felt a sense of urgency to move forward living my purpose, instead of a stale and stagnant existence. As I put forth my prayers and affirmations for positive change and living my purpose, the huge doors of the Universe opened and and I found myself entering the world of New Age/New Thought and metaphysical movements that I’d never experienced before. The first place I visited was learning of my intuition through divination tools and techniques such as pyromancy (using candles), clairaudience (clear hearing), clairvoyance (clear seeing), oracle cards, and tarot cards.

I loved working with the tarot cards because they provided me with something tangible to refer to that suggested my innermost thoughts and feelings. Tarot, like the New Thought movement, taught me that my mind was a powerful tool that could drive my life’s experiences in any direction.

One of the interesting things I’ve found with tarot card readings, whether for myself or others, is that an outcome is a possible outcome, not the final outcome. Now, I will say in some cases, the outcome is exactly what it shows on the cards or what it suggests on the cards. However, I’ve noticed that any time the reading is dealing with a deeply personal issue for the individual or something to that effect, the outcome is not set in stone. This is true for life in general. Every situation we encounter on a daily basis can go one of two ways. It’s really up to us on which way it will go.

The intriguing thing about tarot readings and those who love them is that while we all search for answers, some times we can be so dissatisfied with the answers we receive, we’ll keep pulling cards repeatedly until they say what we want them to say.

So, this begs an important question. When we’re dealing with tarot or any other form of divination for that matter – are we really looking for truth or what we want to hear? It’s like having a conversation with a very agreeable person. You may need to hear the truth at a particular time in your life that will truly benefit you, but the person keeps saying exactly what you want to hear, so you never get to the heart of a matter, you’re just being fed the food you want to eat and not what’s particularly good for you at that moment because you’re hunger is in control.

In my readings for myself, I’ve had to stop myself from doing this in all honesty. I am learning to accept the cards as they first come out and just interpret them according to the question I asked, not every single possible scenario that the cards could stand for.

Like with all things life, we shouldn’t automatically assume the worst as soon as the cards are pulled and you may see a Three of Swords in the past position, a Death card in the present position, and an Ace of Cups in the future position. No matter how good the future card looks, our human nature will draw us automatically to focus on the possible negative aspects of the past and present cards. The whole reading simply means that the individual had experienced a heartbreaking moment in life, but things are transforming now, and soon something better is coming along. Yet, for some reason, we will stay focused on the so-called negative cards.

I have come to realize that the Ancient Egyptians, who were credited for creating Tarot, hit the nail on the head by making the cards and their meanings follow a journey in life that mimicks our own paths in lives. Think about it – the Tarot cards are seventy-eight metaphors for life itself. And when we draw them, we are trying to see what they say about our lives on any given day. My advice to you is to truly pay attention to the meanings. While the traditional meanings may ring true for you, this isn’t always the case. Think about your question and where you are in your life in reference to the question, and then begin to interpret the cards. You’ll find quite often that they merely reflect back to us what’s already going on, what we’re already experiencing with a few bits of wisdom added in to help us move along in the situation as we should.

Remember, tarot cards are an intuitive guide. They don’t hold all the answers for our lives; they are mirrors on our lives. The keeper of your answers is you and only you.

Author's Bio: 

Tameko is a published author and poet. She is a certified Reiki Master Teacher and Holistic Health Practitioner. She holds a Bachelor's in Spiritual Healing. And she is an ordained minsiter with The Universal Light Church. Her third book, Organic Love is currently in production with Publish America.