In other themestream articles, I've written about my anxiety disorder. The disorder can consist of many things. Mine consists of generalized anxiety, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, and phobias. The book I'm going to review just doesn't talk about what anxiety is but simple ways to combat the anxiety.

It must be obvious that I like the book. I have found the techniques to be helpful. The first technique is breathing exercises. This section describes how anxiety sufferers have a tendency to breathe down to their chests rather than to their diaphragms. The exercises list step by step how by counting and breathing relaxation can be achieved. There are also muscle relaxation techniques described in this section. These are my favorite. I often do them while watching TV! This involves relaxing every muscle in the body from head to toe.

Other exercises include imagining a peaceful scenes and meditation. This requires more self-discipline. I have to admit I haven't quite mastered these areas, but maybe some of you are more yoga oriented than me.

A section on physical exercise is helpful. It explains how exercise can rid the body of anxiety. It got me to walking again so it must be a powerful section!

The section that has affirmations seemed corny at first. All I could think of was Stuart Smalley on Saturday Night Live. I didn't want to talk to myself in a mirror. But reading these do bring a sort of inner peace. Say "I am learning to love myself" often enough, and you have to feel better.

What I have listed are only a fraction of what the book offers. So if you suffer from anxiety or just stress, pick this book up and repeat the affirmation "I will learn to love myself by reading this book."

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