Should you be seeking real excitement, try calming the tornado of thoughts flying through your mind. That is the heighth of excitement.

It's easy enough to do. Start with the thoughts you have at this precise moment. As soon as you identify one, drop it and move on the next arriving thought. While doing this, make a mental effort to slow them down. You will at first deem this an impossible task, but by sticking with it you will find you are indeed slowing them down.

To make it more effective, quickly pass through negative thoughts and prolong the time you spend with positive thoughts. Savor all the positives and immediately discard the negatives.

With enough practice you will find yourself bringing the flood of thoughts to a manageable trickle. What is so exciting about this? You will need to experience it for yourself. It defies description.

Let's think of it in this way. Think of some exotic fruit of which you have heard but never tasted. Words could attempt to describe the taste as sweetly-tart and something like a lemon. Do these words provide the actual experience of tasting this exotic fruit for yourself?

Once you have tasted the fruit, can you describe the flavor and texture in enough detail that others can experience what you have without tasting the fruit? They would have to taste the fruit for themselves.

Life flows much along the same lines. The pain one person feels from touching a hot stove is not the same pain another person touching the same stove experiences. We all have varying tolerances to pain and handle it differently.

What we experience in life is not what the other person experiences. One individual shooting the rapids on a raging river could be frozen by fear, whereas another might feel nothing but the thrill of the ride.

There are those who are enchanted by the Internet and all it offers, and who thoroughly enjoy their computers and the software they are using. Others refuse to touch their computers for fear they will do something wrong and bring everything to a crashing halt.

Some people thrive on interaction with others and some prefer to be left alone. These comparisons can be carried on to just about everything we know about humanity.

For ages society has tried to place us into neat categories. This is a great tragedy, because each person is a separate entity which is somehow tied into and interacts with the whole of humanity. While it is true there are certain similarities between all human beings, there is no specific model which is absolute for all of us.

Each of us is unique and precious. It is the uniqueness that makes us so precious and special. It is also the reason all of us experience the same circumstances in different ways. There are those who would consider themselves extremely wealthy with an income of perhaps $20,000.00 a year. Then there are those who would feel they were living at the poverty level with that small amount of money.

Celebrate the uniqueness that is you. Never let anyone or anything deprive you of that. Your uniqueness is who you are.

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Copyright 2001 by Robert Taylor

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