Yesterday was a great day! Not that all days are great in one way or another, yesterday brought an inner smile.

I’ve been baking cookies for my grandson Bryce and his classmates since first grade. He’s now in fifth. Every Friday I’ve watched his eyes light up as I appeared with another batch of cookies. It’s been fun listening to the kids guessing which kind I've made for them. Chocolate chip has been the all time favorite.

Last week, a thought occurred. I was looking at the kids’ desks and while a few looked neat, most of them (including Bryce’s) looked sloppy. Oh my gosh, stuff all over the floor – I put out a challenge – cleaned up space would be rewarded. The kids seemed real eager to take it on.

Yesterday I arrived with chocolate chip cookies. It was so fun to see those kids eagerly waiting. Going from desk to desk, I’d ask each child if their area was clean – it was interesting how the kids made it fun – they realized I had cookies for all and those who’d taken the time to spruce up their area got an extra cookie. There wasn’t shame or ridicule; in fact some were talking about getting that extra cookie next week.

This experience doesn’t stop here – Bryce had a messy area and like the others he got two cookies. Generally at the end of distributing the cookies I give him the remaining to take home (as if they last that long), this time I changed my mind. Bryce was surprised when I told him I would be taking the remaining cookies with me.

As I am writing this I pondered how the concepts might apply from a Universe perspective. Here’s what’s coming thru: we’re provided for the amount we’re able to manage.

When a person isn’t receiving a wage increase and they believe they deserve it, it’s because on some level, they’re not ready for it. Behind the scenes maybe they procrastinate paying their expenses when due or they squander their existing funds or cheat other’s out of theirs, and or behave in ways that are out of alignment with the universal flow of life.

Our behaviors are energy messages to Universe – when we’re out of alignment chances are that things don’t occur in the ways our ego tells us we deserve.

What about that person who wins the lotto? They haven't been able to manage their funds wisely and effectively. While excited and celebrating their win, the rule of thumb is that they will lose the funds – they weren’t good stewards of finances prior to their win which continues to repeat itself.

We can glean the lesson and change our behaviors or recreate another situation; many live their lives without taking ownership of their choices subsequently reducing the inflow of prosperity in their life. Prosperity is good fortune in everything, example: health, happiness, spirituality, and finances.

There is no luck of the draw. Bad luck is victim thinking and what we think we draw more of it to us.

Through self-examination many of us realize there is a correlation – being in sync with Universe positions us for good things to occur – along with those unexpected goodies too.

Those times when we do have life-suck experiences, we’re able to draw from our inner knowing that we have the power to respond in ways that keep us moving towards our goals.

You have everything you need to have everything you desire. Move towards it. PS --> You’ll be receiving unexpected goodies.

Smiles to you,

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Happy thoughts ... make a great day!

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