I want to tell you the difference between those who succeed and those who fail. And it's a whole lot simpler than you might think.

You know, there are so many excuses that have been bandied out there—depending on sex, race, religion, age, intelligence, resources, contacts, parents, the neighborhood you grew up in, the neighborhood you live in.

None of those are the reasons people succeed. I've seen too many commonalities, common traits, to believe that. Let me tell you, it all starts with a burning desire.

Those who fail generally don't even have a clearly defined desire. Certainly they don't have a burning desire or they wouldn't fail, with the exception of dying young, which can happen to anybody. You can't prevent an airplane that you're riding on from going down.

Another characteristic of successful people is purpose. Those who succeed on a big scale have a purpose, a reason why they're here. They have definiteness of purpose. And it defines everything else—the other characteristics I'm going to mention—that they're doing and deciding on. Now, the interesting thing is, they get to decide on their purpose, too.

Should you meditate, should you pray, should you do some due diligence, should you ask questions? Yes!

A purpose defines what it is you're going to do in the big scale. How are you going to contribute to this life as a method of paying back the gift you've been given of having a life?

People who succeed have a vision, which leads into big goals. They've got things they want to do, they've got people they want to help, they've got changes they want to make! They've got things they want to see have happen in this world that they can make a significant difference to.

And then, of course, you go from vision and goals to making plans. Talk to most people and you'll see that they don't have plans. They might say, "I want to make a million dollars." So ask them this question. "Okay, great. What's your plan?"

Well, of course they don't have plans, because they don't have a definite, burning desire for something specific. They don't have a vision…they don't know what they stand for. They don't know what they want, so how can they have a plan?

Those who succeed have persistence. See, those who just have a weak desire, they may get into motion. They may buy the same business opportunity, or the same copyrighting course that you do—and you get outrageous results, the millions that you dreamed about!

You did some heavy dreaming. You did some heavy planning. You created the plan. They were just wishful—just thinking. The majority of people bob around in the ocean just like corks floating, and they'll go whichever way the wind or the waves take them.

On the other hand, a ship that has a destination clearly in mind, with a plan to get to the destination, a captain at the helm who is flexible, who knows what to do and how to encounter any of the different circumstances that may come up—that is the mariner, that is the person who will get to where you want to go.

So I wish for you to recognize that these six simple traits, which mark the difference between those who succeed and those who fail, can take you to your deepest, most profound desires and the actualization that you would have in your life.

A burning desire. Purpose, Vision, Goals, Plans, and Persistence!

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