There’s no doubt that the appeal of roses have stood the test of time, and perhaps we can find an explanation for this through Greek mythology. The minor Greek goddess Chloris came across a dead nymph and she was so taken aback by her beauty that she turned her into a flower. Aphrodite infused the new flower with beauty, the three Graces donated brilliance, joy, and charm, Dionysius added sweet fragrance, and the West win Zephyrus blew the clouds away so Apollo could bathe the rose in sunlight. The rose was then given to Eros, the god of love, and finally the Queen of flowers was born.

Its intricate meanings make the rose a favorite gift of lovers and romantics. However, the red rose isn’t the only kind of rose that conveys the message of passionate love. The Narangha rose is an orange rose variety that connotes instant attraction and intense emotions with its smooth, vivid petals. Naranghas have hints of yellow and pink at the base of its large, blossoming head, and its rich warm colors contrast beautifully with its glossy green leaves. Long sturdy stems growing at an average of 60 centimeters characterize these flowers.

What makes this flower extra special is that its buds blossom to a full bloom in a short amount of time. This means that everyday, one can see its beautiful bud in different blooming stages – a special treat for someone who is given this beautiful flower. Its soft, slightly fruity perfume also makes it a favorite of women everywhere. The best thing is, the Narangha rose variety is available in many major flowers shops and rose growers.

The flower’s namesake is the Philippine word for “orange” – very fitting for a culture that knows how to love and love passionately. Romantic love for Filipinos is serious business. As early as the courtship stage, Philippine men spoil their women by showering them with ardent poetry, love songs, and of course, flowers. All these grand, romantic gestures indicate how much they are willing to care and nurture the woman in their life. It is no wonder that the Narangha variety is the most popular orange colored flower in the Philippines.

A bouquet of long stemmed orange roses with subtle hints of pink is sure to bring a strong message of fervent romance and devotion. Why not brighten up your lover’s day by surprising her with a dazzling Narangha rose?

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