In this edition, I'm going to talk a bit about affiliate programs on the Internet. Now, I know this is not our normal subject, but you know, I'm an Internet marketer—and I get a lot of questions on this.

Besides, making money is our usual topic. And being smart about it is the only way to acquire lasting wealth.

I had a person tell me just last night, "Yeah, I joined like four affiliate programs, and now I'm makin' a little bit of money. It's not much, but you know, $60 last month—that was something, that was good."

And it was good. He said, "Yeah, and I joined this program at Clickbank and dah, dah, dah…"

What I told this gentleman was, "That's good." And Lordy knows, the most important thing ever to do is to start making money on the Internet, assuming that's your goal and objective. Start making some money, any way, anyhow.

But I want to encourage you to think like a marketer. Think with leverage; these are the principles of The NEW Think and Grow Rich.

The truth is, there's a combination of a bunch of different ways to do that, and yes, I do use affiliate programs. Recently, when I went and checked the mail, I had approximately $7,500 or so of affiliate commissions, where I sold someone else's product and they paid me the money.

But that's not the main thrust of my business. Those are adjunct add-ons to the business.

Here's what I'm talking about. When I go and sell Mr. X's product, I get a commission for selling that product. Not bad—like I said, those are adjunct, add-on products, because they're related and because I've got extra, unused email space to advertise these products.

But being the person who offers a product through an affiliate program is the high-leveraged way you want to play the game, as your dominant chief strategy.

The only ecommerce program I can recommend for this is

Be the one offering an affiliate program, because now you've got people out there, an army of people, helping you sell. Not everybody thinks like you and I do about how to use leverage and that kind of stuff, but you've got an army of people who are now out there selling your product—and they're feeling very happy and snug.

They didn't have to create a product, they didn't have to be an expert, they didn't have to write any marketing materials—all of this is true. That's one of the reasons why I like joining an affiliate program; they're quick—join the affiliate program, put a link in, boom send it out to your email list, and you're making money!

Again, I only recommend because it is integrated wih your affiliate program, shopping cart, and you can accept credit cards via PayPal.

However, they're not using leverage; you are using leverage when you're offering your affiliate program through thousands of people. They're happy, you're happy. Even if they get 50% of the sale, now instead of all the work coming from your own efforts only, you have hundreds, thousands, tens of thousands of people marketing for you, sending you sales.

You see how much more money you make? In your life and business affairs, one of the pivotal principles of really making money is finding and putting yourself in a place of leverage. And it's not a place of one-for-one; it's a place of many to one. It's like J. Paul Getty said, "I'd rather have the income from 1% of a hundred people's efforts than 100% of my own."

Because with your own efforts, if you don't sell one day, you're down to zero; but if you've got 100 people out there and if one, two, five, or 10 don't sell that day, you've still got 90.

Not to mention the fact that that's just a metaphor, because with this kind of leverage you can really get hundreds, thousands, tens of thousands of people marketing your product as an affiliate on the Internet, when you are the affiliate owner.

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