The “power of your mind” is such a simple statement and yet most of us do not know the bounds of our minds and what there are capable of. Unfortunately for some people the mind can be an enemy and although tasked with protecting and helping us through life it in fact works against us.

Michael Bernard Beckworth is credited with the following statement “You attract to you the predominant thought that you’re holding in your awareness, whether those thoughts are conscious or unconscious. That’s the rub.” What was he driving at, what was his concern? I believe his issues were about the fact that our brains and the associated brain patterns can work against us creating the thousands of phobias, the angry human, and all the physiocratic problems that we see.

The one thing we do need to understand is that if the Law of Attraction is to work for us we need to generate control over our minds. We must clearly remember what Beckworth said about your predominant thought on the two levels. We cannot allow negative thought patterns to be allowed to exist. What we think and plan must be believed on both the level of conscious and on the sub conscious. We will only achieve which ever is the dominant thought pattern that we hold on each specific issue. Saying your affirmations, asking the universe for assistance and hoping the law of attraction will come into our lives and change everything will never have any chance of creating the necessary changes if there is not total belief. If the sub conscious is going to interfere

Control of the thought patterns in our minds must be our goal and where necessary we should undertake mind training courses, undergo physic reviews etc to ensure that we do not betray our own development. We can all recognise those inner feeling of discontent that gut feeling that is it itself a protection system. But when we do not believe, under that gut feeling in what we are asking the universal laws for, through the Law of Attraction, we are deceiving ourselves.

We recommend the development of conscious thought set at limited achievable outcomes when you first start taking on the power of the Law of Attraction. What do we mean by that? We say to set small tasks that are achievable. Build of the confidence with other achievable tasks. Gradually increase the size of the requests and live by the Law of Attraction guidelines. AS you develop the confidence in the power of the universe then you can set about seeking the bugger needs in your life. You can with this conscious acceptance of the details that surround you then ask for the bigger issues, the life changing items such as the new home the million dollar income stream etc. Simply stated start small while thinking big, show gratitude for each gift from the universe that you receive. Be happy with your current situation while you seek the next step forward.

Learn to live your life as though that which you seek has already has happened. You must learn to control the power of your mind. You must develop with your minds growth and above all you must be true to yourself at all times. If you can’t believe in something then do not seek the law of attraction help to better yourself under the circumstance. Why you ask? Because to not believe in what you ask leaves you open to receiving what you think you should get. This could cause you to fail over an over again and lose trust in what the universe has supplied and is there for you if used correctly.

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Ken Triat has a master’s degree in Business Administration. Currently reviewing personal development centered around the power of the mind using the Law of Attraction.
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