Stop for a minute whatever you are doing.. and consider this profound and insightful AIM Thinking.

When you look in the mirror what do you see? Perhaps more importantly, what do you feel? The answer to this question - how do you feel about yourself? is the essence of your emotional, physical, spiritual, psychological and social development.

If you do not love, value and appreciate yourself, how can you truly expect anyone to love, value and appreciate someone as unworthy as you may think you are. More importantly, for your family and loved ones if you do not love, value or appreciate yourself how can you sincerely love another. I truly believe that love extends inwards and then radiates outwards, if there is no love going in how any real love flow out.

I have seen occasions where some men and women have been uncomfortable with looking in the mirror. I have often wondered whether it is because they do not like the way they look, or is that they do not like what they stand for as person.

That last look you take in the mirror before you leave your house can dictate how you feel for the rest of the day. Most people should know that feeling of leaving their house and thinking "I know I look good today". Think back to your interactions with people that day, how good and confident you felt but conversely we also know the feeling of 'I do not want anyone to see me the way I look today'. It's on these days you always need more milk or bread and you quickly pop out to the shop and meet the very people who you did not want to see you.

Of all the judgments that you pass in life, none is as important as the one you pass on yourself. So judge yourself not on superficial features or past mistakes as we all make them. Gain confidence and love for yourself from who you are, the principles you hold, what you can and have achieved and value you add to other people lives... NOW! That's AIM Thinking.

Adopt an AIM mindset in all areas of your life and have an AIM day.

Author's Bio: 

‘Yesterday’s knowledge is today’s ignorance’ is one of my most used statements and as such I passionately believes that learning is a continuous and never-ending process.

Over the years I have been given many titles, an entrepreneur, a motivational speaker, a coach and community business leader but the title that gives me the most personal satisfaction is the title of Mentor.

I have worked with hundreds of children within the school system and the community and at present I work with a number of schools in London on a daily basis motivating and inspiring young people to value their education and be the best they can be.

Through my professional and personal life activities, I have inspired thousands of adults and children to reflect and discover the valuable personal assets they possess within themselves. Motivating them to adopt new and empowering positive attitudes and habits in their life.

I also currently work with a number of businesses, education establishments and government agencies and have been humbled to have been honoured with a number of awards for my work which include; Men of Merit, Man of Valour and The City of London Police Award.

Through my years of work in the field of personal development I have developed a powerful method for change which I call ‘Transition through Introspection’. This effective method for change empowers individuals to self reflect, recognise and analyze their core strengths and competencies. This methodology has been inspired by attendance at over 100 training seminars, hundreds of ‘Wisdom Literature books’ NLP training and over 15 years in the field of mentoring and training & development.

My passionate style of delivery, in depth subject knowledge infused with humour which is sure to inspire, motivate and challenge you. I am committed to delivering inspirational messages will always leave you empowered, focused and ready for the next exciting challenge life offers you.

I truly care about my community and invest my time and resources in a number of good causes. I am the chair or on the board of a number of charitable and community initiatives internationally, nationally and on a more local basis.

My belief is that we do not really have problems only 'circumstances and situations that we allow to impact our thoughts and actions in a negative way'.

I am also committed to the ideology of personal growth and development and enthusiastically promote the concept of individuals 'Adopting a AIM mindset in all areas of their life'.