When a new recruit joins the military he must first undergo through intense training. This is usually physically challenging pushing the young ones to perform on a level they are not accustomed to. It is no walk in the park; it can be exhausting physically and mentally. At times the youngsters will break down wishing that they could be anywhere else rather than in camp. However, the training is not performed in vain it certainly has a purpose that will reap the benefits in the near future.

It does not matter from what walk of life you are, there will always be battles and grief that will emerge when you least expect it. In certain occasions the issues will appear to be unbeatable because of your pain, exhaustion, perception etc... However, it is important to remember that hardships are not meant to paralyze, debilitate or make you quit. Instead they are supposed to make you stronger.

Just like in boot camp the training breaks down the core of individuals to build them back up with a new perspective and so this is the aim of life as well. The challenges that we face should make us stand up once again with new strength. The trials will not be easy to overcome like military training however, if you stick it out you will graduate an experienced individual that is prepare to face any challenges whether it is at the game of war or life itself.

This is priceless!

Kenia Morales

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