With the economy the way it is, should you be starting a home based business now? I am sure that question is on a lot of people’s minds today. After all, with no one spending any money right now, why would I want to be trying to sell something online!

Think about this for a moment, how many businesses have millions of customers? My guess is not that many. Now think about this, the unemployment rate is around 9% in the US. The population in the US is about 304 million. 9% of 304 million is a little over 27 million. That leaves 277 million people working. OK, it doesn’t include kids or the elderly, but there are still a lot of folks out there still working and spending some money. All, even the unemployed, are potential customers.

Remember, there are a lot of people looking to work online as an income source so marketing home based businesses as your home business is a great option. Also, many companies use the Internet as a way to get information for their business such as paid online surveys. Companies also out source there data entry jobs to people who work online. Your home based business could be doing paid online surveys or data entry jobs or you can market them as an affiliate.

One more thing to think about, the Internet is growing daily by huge amounts. So now is the perfect time to get started with an online business. You have millions of potential customers now and millions more on the way. Being successful with an online business takes some time. Learn how to do it now and be very prosperous in the near future.

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