Attraction marketing secrets can be explained in very simple terms and once you understand the process of winning a prospect's trust rather than alienating them, then there is no limit to how many people you can sponsor into your network marketing business over the next few months.

The attraction marketing formula is simple - teach and educate rather than sell your prospects. If that is a new concept to you then don't worry, it's been the foundation for success since man first walked the planet yet it is so simple in nature, that it is the most overlooked attraction marketing secret by the majority of MLMers.

Attraction Marketing Secrets

Network marketing has undergone many transformations over the years but the core element of prospecting has still been to make a list, talk to family and friends, invite them to a meeting and pitch them your opportunity.

This may have worked okay even up to ten years ago but now we live in a world dominated by the electronic media and the one thing most hear constantly are a barrage of sales messages. Can you imagine trying to compete with these if you're trying to pitch your opportunity using the same method?

You don't stand a chance of getting noticed. After all, why would anyone pick your sales message over another if they both sound and relay the same message?

But what if yours was different? What if you slipped under a prospect's radar by teaching them in the message rather than pitching them? You see, suddenly you have differentiated yourself from the herd and by using teaching and educational messages, you'll begin to take on the appearance of a trusted advisor.

And isn't breaking down the barriers of trust with the prospect the key element in getting them to advance down the lead generation assembly line?

We are not advocating that you never tell them about your opportunity. The key attraction marketing secret is you need to earn the right to be able to do this. In other words, showing them how they can improve their current situation whether it be health or finance related with information they can use right away.

By sales pitching them first up you will come across as desperate and needy. By teaching and educating them first up you take on a entirely welcoming persona. And the secret attraction marketing formula is based around this exact principle.

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