A bit of pampering every once in a while will help you feel more balanced in your life and ready to nurture those around you. And creating your own mini home spa is simple and affordable. Once you set it up, it will be a cinch to recreate as often as you like.

Whether it is a daily, weekly, or monthly indulgence, here are six steps to creating your own luxurious at home spa:

1. The first thing you will need to do is clear out the toys or any other tub clutter. If there are lots of items in your tub, just get a plastic washtub or even a cardboard box and place them there temporarily, outside the bathroom. Make sure your tub is nice and clean, too, so you can relax during your spa treatment (instead of feeling like you should be scrubbing grout instead.)

2. Set yourself up with a pile of big, fluffy towels and a couple of washcloths. You will want at least one extra large towel for your body and another towel for your hair. If your towels are looking a bit shabby, invest in a few new ones. There is nothing like a good, luxurious towel for your home spa experience. Wash and dry your towels with your favorite brand and scent of fabric softener so they smell heavenly.

3. If you do not already have one, invest in a plush bathrobe and nice slippers. This is a one time expense that will make you feel pampered each time you treat yourself to your at home spa.

4. Decide on a theme (relaxing or energizing, for example), then set the mood with music and lighting. Choose a tranquil or energizing CD, depending on the mood you wish to create. Light several aromatherapy candles in a scent such as lavender (for relaxation) or citrus (for rejuvenation.) When you set the right mood, you will intensify the effects of your other spa treatments.

5. Get your spa treatments ready. Whether you prefer to create your own products from kitchen ingredients that you have on hand or to purchase a few samples from the drug store, put them in an attractive basket or bag for easy access each time you create your at home spa.

Again, you will want to make a theme with your selections. If you want to relax, for example, try lavender oil in your bath, with a rich, soothing and moisturizing mud mask. To energize, try peppermint oil in your bath with a cucumber mask.

6. Put aside at least 20 or 30 minutes to fully enjoy your luxurious home spa. Fill the bath with hot water and turn on the shower for additional steam. Then place a few teaspoons of Espom salts along with a few drops of your favorite essential oil.

Turn off the overhead lights, light the candles and turn on the music. Wash your face with a warm face cloth and apply your facial mask. Then take off your robe and slip into your hot bath. While your facial mask is working, start with your exfoliating scrub or pumice and let yourself relax while you pay attention to all of the spa sensations. Sink into the experience and pay attention to what you smell, feel, and hear.

When the time for your home spa has come to an end, rinse off the facial mask and dry off with your luxurious towels. Then take time to moisturize from head to toe.

Conclude your experience by wrapping yourself in your soft robe and enjoying a cup of your favorite relaxing or invigorating herbal tea, selected to compliment your homemade spa experience. Choose peppermint or citrus tea, for example, to end a relaxing home spa or select jasmine or chamomile tea for a relaxing home spa.

Creating a home spa is so simple and affordable that you will have no excuse not to indulge at least once a week.

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