What does hiding get you?

We all do it or have done it in our life times. We hide or have hidden behind fears, old wounds, our past, false expectations (our own and others), perceptions…and why? Because hiding behind some thing that may be uncomfortable actual feels safe and familiar.

As a child did you ever play “Hide-And-Seek”? If you did then you probably remember picking a hiding space that was rather concealed from others. That was the whole point to be concealed and hard to find.

Well, when we hide from challenges, from our dreams, from potential risks (the good ones, that is), that is what we are doing, we are concealing ourselves…not only from others, but from life, and our authentic selves. Life is passing us by and opportunities are floating adrift.

So let me ask you again, what does hiding get you? Do you have more to lose or to gain by hiding? My wish for you is to think about those questions, to think long and hard about them.

Yes, putting yourself out there may feel risky and even scary, but in doing so you become available to potentials. Potentials to gain what you want, to learn, to grow… potentials that would not have presented themselves because you were hiding and they could not find you

Ollie ollie oxen free…you can come out now. Take the chance, step out from that hiding place, take that challenge, because YOU have more to gain by no longer hiding than you do to lose.

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Author's Bio: 

Pam Thomas is a personal and business development coach who supports individuals that are stuck or in transition in creating their best life. Her passion and purpose is to help others find the resources and wondrous assets within them and around them to excel, overcome obstacles and discover the amazing opportunities available. Pam understands what it takes to reach deep inside to overcome fears and anxieties in order to truly achieve the goals, dreams and desire that rests within all of us. For more information about Pam’s work or for a 30 minute complimentary coaching session, please visit; http://www.whatswithinu.com