Thought Action Outcome - Your thoughts predict your life and not the other way around. There I have said it now THE SECRETS out… rush out and correct that part of your life and things will be wonderful. Wow wouldn't it be great if it were so easy in real life.
In reality, it is quite easy to improve your life both physically mentally and spiritually. Thought Action Outcome - thoughts activate your outcome of events. I believe it is so important to surround yourself with positive people. In our busy lives we need at least three people (the positive triangle) who will motivate, encourage, trust, believe and accept your greater ability whilst showing support for you exactly where you are on you spiritual journey right now.
Think about your life right now, do you have three individuals who do all of the above? Do you have to search your mind for answers? Who is the one who encourages you to be more each day? In our busy lives, we can become too comfortable and not want to move outside our comfort zones. To be outside our comfort zones helps us to grow and understand ourselves more emotionally. Surround yourself with those whose positive attitudes allow you to raise to your higher self and whose questions and answers inspire you to do your best always. Friends who will honor and celebrate your goals and achievements and inspire you further still.
There have been times in my life when relationships have caused my self esteem to drop below its natural level. I worked around very negative people, had the wrong support and could not motivate myself. In a relationship that was emotionally lonely and although not filled with conflict still left me low. Today my relationships are not perfect but much has changed and I am blessed to have at least five people in my life who encourage me and allow me to grow.
We have so many relationships and without realizing each, one has an impact on us. Your life partner to whom you are a lover and friend, children whom you are parent and friend, family and within this area alone there are many relationships, daughter, sister, aunt, niece and each relationship will be different. You may volunteer and meet people within that area. Your daily working life will bring you into many relationships, and general relationships with friends can again include many different levels. You see we do not really take much notice of our relationships and we should. Ask yourself are they everything you want? Do they fill you up or drain your energy? Relationships are a fundamental part of our lives so we must treat them with respect. If something does not feel right, it probably is not and you should act accordingly.
Relationships allow us to grow in ways that we could not on our own. Hence, the term spiritual partner, I believe that your spiritual partner (not soul mate) is someone who comes onto your spiritual pathway to help you learn a life lesson. DARE TO GROW look at your relationships with truth and respect and honestly ask yourself do you need that person and how are they helping you to grow?
Write a list if you have too (I keep mine in my head) of the criteria you have for a healthy and positive relationship. Your list can include anything from how you must treat each other to how you must find pleasure within one another emotionally and physically. You may want to work together in a positive fair way for both parties it may say that you must encourage and support one another. Whatever it says it must be the emotional connection and not just a physical or practical connection. We outgrow one another when one stops growing. Once this happens we have a number of choices. We can accept the relationship, we can be the victim in the relationship, we can change the relationship or we can leave the relationship.
Be the change you want to see in your world, if you want to attract relationships that inspire you then you must have that relationship with others. Thought Action Outcome is just that, what ever you are thinking is coming towards you right now. So make that powerful use of energy a positive one. My CD I Am That I Am touches on that power and asks you to think positively as often as possible. You may believe in the power or not it is working for you and coming towards you. Be ready!
When someone truly positive wants to come into your life, let him or her in with a smile. Your life together will be forever blessed with peace, happiness, fulfillment and contentment. Why would you close the door on that?

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About The Founder of TAYO HEALING from the ROOTS.
Tayo resides in Kent, England - her primary aim is to provide healing for the mind body and spirit through spiritual growth and knowledge providing the essential tools to live your best life.
A Spiritual Healer for more than 20 years she has developed her own unique style of healing and heals from the ROOTS up where she believes all energies positive or negative start. As a medium who has studied both spiritual and psychological areas, she is a naturopathic doctor and member of the ICHM, IMP and PHPA, qualified in Hypnosis Psychotherapy, Past Life Studies, and Crystal Healing with 20 years experience as a Counselor and Sacred Space Consultant. She has spent the last ten years in private practice healing and counseling people from all lifestyles and encouraging them to live an excellent life.