Do you have a base? A place within you that says, "Yes, I will do this." Or "No, I won't do this." Your base is called many things. Your morals, your way of standing true to yourself, your conscience, your belief system, etc. For today, we'll just call it your base. It's the place where you know deep in your heart what's right.

Imagine what your base would look like if you gave it an entity. Imagine placing that entity in your left hand.

In your right hand, put a time when something overpowered you, causing you to revert back to old ways. Where you let your peers control your thinking. Where you let circumstances take over. If you had times like that, those are the times you forgot your base.

Here are some more times.

Someone did you wrong. You know the old song. Now, you have to get back at that person, in order to save face. Whoops. Forgot your base, didn't you?

Someone short-changed you, and you want what's yours. Whoops. Forgot your base, didn't you?

Someone snuck in line ahead of you, and you *don't have to take that.* Whoops. Forgot your base, didn't you?

Someone cut in front of you in a line of cars that haven't moved for thirty-six and a half minutes, and the very least you were going to do is honk your little heart out. Whoops. Forgot your base, didn't you?

Look at your left hand again. It's your base, your you-know-right-from-wrong place, your center, the place you'd rather be, that says you can handle it. The place where you are in control.

You know the way you should act, but the old programming is getting in the way. Stand there for a moment.

Look at your base in your left hand. Feel the solidness of it. Know that it always knows what's right FOR YOU.

Look at the right hand that's holding the old reactions I mentioned at the beginning. Look at them one at a time. Do they hold anything dear to you? How important is being right if it's going to hurt someone? How important is the sixteen odd cents of change that your were short-changed, if it causes someone to be hurt or to be put in the wrong? How important is it to you to have your peers see you act like THEM?

How important is it to lash out and get back at people if it causes you to lose your base? Your core belief system that says you are better than that. *Not better than others. Just better than the way you HAD acted.*

Your peers didn't put that belief system in you. They aren't in charge of it. You are. YOU put it there. If it isn't serving you, find a different one, but don't find a different one because it isn't serving someone else.

Put all the good energy you can in that left hand. Let it bounce as though it were a ball. Know that it is yours and no one can take it away from you, unless YOU let them.

Now, look at the right hand. Look at the trouble you experienced in those situations. Now, visualize those instances again. Except this time, see you handling them from within your base. Your very core. Feel the strength you get from that left hand.

TIP: Every successful business has a mission statement that they go by. That mission statement tells everyone what they will and will not do. The gist of their mission statement is *We will help others. We will not knowingly hurt anyone. We will do this, this, and this for our client. We will stand behind our word. People are more important than the dollar.* And they live by that. Some go so far as to say *If it is not enjoyable, if we do not have fun while we are creating it, if it does not help people, we will not do it.* Doesn't that sound a little like you would like to live your life?

Wow. Always know your core belief system. Know where you're going. You don't have to know how you're going to get there, just keep that success picture right in front of you. Your brain will find the way.

Let me know how it works, OK? And maybe you have even better ideas that I can share with our readers?

Thanks for reading, Jan

Copyright 2002, Jan Tincher, All Rights Reserved Worldwide

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Copyright 2002, Jan Tincher, All Rights Reserved Worldwide
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