If you want your bathroom to be elegant and comfortable,you have to add some modern accessories to it.A modern bathroom reflects your lifestyle.Bathroom is a place where you can get rid of stress.Before planning a bathroom you have to choose a suitable hardware.

One of the most important things which enhance the look of your bathroom is lightning.Your bathroom needs both artificial and natural light. Lightning enhances the look and makes the room look more spacious.Several types of lights which can be used in a bathroom are down lights,shower lights,spot lights,wall lights,mirror lights and shaving lights.If you will maintain proper heat and ventilation,your bathroom will be always fresh.Ventilation keeps out unpleasant odor and moisture.

The next thing which can completely change the look of your bathroom is a bathroom mirror.Bathroom mirror reflect both natural and artificial light.To finish the look of your bathroom you can add certain outfits like towel rails, soap dishes, glass shelves and baskets.

One more thing you will need in your bathroom is furniture.You can buy some cabinets for storage of towels and other important things.Most common accessories which you need in your bathroom are showers,wash basin,bathroom tubs and shelves.If you want to redesign your bathroom first you have to set your budget.The bathroom is no longer just a space for cleaning yourself as it is changing in a comfort zone.It will be a good idea to discuss all your expectations with your interior designer before starting anything.

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