Many things we learn and hear about how to suceed or improve our lives are accepted by us as truisms, almost monoliths of dogma, which we turn to time and again. We write about them, use them in speeches and regurgitate them readily, mostly because we ourselvs have been taught to do so.

But, they can also be misleading if we don't look around these monoliths at the shadows which they cast. On that note, I'm going to say something here that flies in the face of what you have heard or thought you knew. You might even want to sit down for this. Are you ready?


What, no dreams!? But, we are constantly told that you shouldn't give up on your dreams, that dreaming matters.

It's true that dreams give you direction, helping you "flesh out" that which you want to achieve.

But, you must GROW INTO what you want to become and that means one thing: ACTION. Dreams start things; ACTION moves them forward. Mahatma Ghandi said that all of history's progress is the result of small, committed groups, acting together. Look at Ghandi, himself, to see what one person can do if they act with perseverence and committment.

The greatest people in the world have that one thing in common; they "turned off the TV" and got going on something. They've done some dreaming, certainly, but they've done (and continue doing) the things that push them over the top.

But it isn't always easy for us, with families and jobs and our daily grinds to get through. Doing even more beyond that to achieve what what we want can be both draining and daunting. It is much easier to just sit down and click on the tube, and tune out on action. I feel it, too. We all do.

But, standing still is the one thing you cannot do if you wish to achieve even minor things. Self-Help ideas, "programs" and articles like this one will do little for you unless you couple them with consistent, committed action.

Plain and simple, you gotta get off your couch and start taking the first steps to moving forward. It's all about the actions you take and continue to take, day after day. My friend Barry says, "You can't fail if you dont quit." He's right.

So, here are few Action Steps to assist you.

1. Become Action
Before you do anything, even dream, absorb the idea that everything comes down to action. Start seeing yourself DOING things, anything. Plant in your mind that you are about ACTION.

2. Plan ahead
Expect and look for ways to make action routine.
This is CRUCIAL. Action for achievement must come down to consistency and that means routine. Plan your day; do the same things day after day. Use a calendar and schedule book - and adhere to them. Discipline and regiment yourself to this.

3. Surround yourself with Action
I mentioned my friend Barry, above. He is one of my friends and advisors. I listen to him because he does the things I wish to do. People who do NOT, or try to deflect you from action, should be in your second level of acquaintance.

4. Begin today
Do one small thing that will move you forward. Take that little step before you run. Maybe you need to clean your office or your car, or organize your papers. Whatever you know will help you get started in one small way, do it. Then keep doing it, every day.

If it were dead easy, everyone would be doing these things. It is up to you to steel yourself to the action that gets you where you want to go. Once that is part of your makeup, it will propel your dreams into being.

Author's Bio: 

Im a simple man who believes in simple things. We do not need to complicate, but rather refine to simple steps that work.