If you are suffering from increased anxiety and stress, move over. You are not alone. Statistics are showing that almost 85 % of Americans are feeling anxious. It should not come as a surprise that sales of anti-depressants are up.

That’s the bad news. None of us has the power to personally change the scenario in the world of financial disasters, swine flu, or nuclear war (although we can shift the energies and transform them). Those elements are going to be there no matter what you do.

So what can you do besides popping Valium or scotch to get a handle on your nerves? Well, you can follow one or two simple rules that I like to use when the going gets tough. You see, unless you change how you see the world and your place within, you will be at effect of the economy and the crisis. It would be better to change your perspective, instead of fighting it, align with it.

Look at it this way. Just suppose you were born to be a part of this crisis, and to be a part of the solution as well. For what reason would you have been placed here, what kind of role would you play? For example, one of my clients, a mousy brunette, realized she was here to serve as an icon of freedom, almost like being the statue of liberty, bringing freedom to her clients. Another client, struggling in this economy to find clients, realized that she had lost her vision. Once she regained her clarity, she could now help her clients regain their visions, and in the process, business doubled overnight.

So today instead of reacting to the events in the news, take charge of yourself. Ask yourself what gifts and services are yours, that could help others during these troubled times. If you were indeed put here for a purpose, a mission, what exactly is it. That’s the first step to getting a grip in today’s world. Clients call me when they can’t figure it out and need help in defining and actualizing their mission.

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Dr Joan Hangarter, DC, MS
Intuitive and Psychic Consultant
Dr Joan is an expert on “Thinking Outside The Box”-Thats why so many people turn to her for advice!
Dr. Joan Hangarter, D.C, M.S., author of the acclaimed book “The Miracle-Makers Club”, Inspirational Speaker, Intuitive Business and Personal Consultant, and Talk Show Host. As a psychic Intuitive Consultant she is known for providing clarity, insight, strategies, and that extra special ability to intuit the steps needed to manage during these challenging economic times. With her help you will gain the competitive advantage, build team morale, create new profit streams and more. For over thirty years, Dr Joan has healed, and inspired thousands of people throughout the world, as a speaker and intuitive consultant. She’s been interviewed by Ed Bradley for 60 Minutes and has been featured on many other shows, including Dateline, KRON News, KGO News and Seattle’s popular talk show Northwest Afternoon. In 1999 she founded The Miracle Makers Club as a way to overcome tremendous obstacles, and now shares her inspiration with all of us.
Dr Joan is the author of The Miracle Makers Club-Live The Prosperous and Soul-filled Life That You Deserve Today. She is a sought after consultant who helps professionals, businesses and individuals gain clarity and insight, and achieve their goals, from the “Insight Out.” She is currently seeking clients who are leaders, change makers, politicians, or other humans of influence to help support acceleration of personal and global visions.
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