By any standards, we look to be in a bit of economic mess right now and in many ways the future looks bleak and uncertain. If you are in danger of losing your home or your job, you know this only too well. If you are in a predicament like this, I don't doubt that you are feeling fearful, angry ...By any standards, we look to be in a bit of economic mess right now and in many ways the future looks bleak and uncertain. If you are in danger of losing your home or your job, you know this only too well. If you are in a predicament like this, I don't doubt that you are feeling fearful, angry and worried about your future. Who wouldn't be?

But as you may know, in the Chinese language the same character is used to mean both danger and opportunity. Knowing, as you do, a little more about how the Universe works than do most people, might you perhaps be wondering whether there could be an opportunity contained in this situation for you?

I don't know, any more than you do perhaps, what that opportunity might be at this time, but I have met many people in my life who told me that losing a job or being made redundant was the best thing that ever happened to them. Something else far better opened up for them and it changed their lives. Does it work for everyone? No. But it sure does work for some.

"How can I make that happen for me, then?" you might well ask. "How can I create that kind of opportunity for myself given the predicament I am in now?

There's two ways to answer this question. First, it has to be seen as an issue of consciousness. Second there are some practical steps you might want to take that will help you move into the energy of new possibility. I will deal with the consciousness issue first.

To become open to new opportunity, you need to develop a consciousness that will draw that opportunity to you. By that I mean developing a willingness to see the Universe as being infinitely abundant and trusting that you are always supplied as needed. It is also being willing to accept that the situation you are in at this moment is self-created, and you have chosen it for your soul's growth. This empowers you because you accept that you are responsible for creating your life, which in turn means you (your Higher Self) can actually manifest the opportunities you want.

Now, of course, we all know that developing this abundance consciousness is not easy, especially if you are already in trouble. The fact is you need tools to help you. The best technology I know for this is Radical Manifestation. It provides tools that work, not by reprogramming your monkey-mind, but by using your own innate Spiritual Intelligence to connect directly into what David Bohm, the noted physicist, calls 'the implicate order.'

Bohm says that everything that ever was, is or will be, is enfolded as potential in the implicate order just waiting to be released and made 'explicate' through our conscious intention to make it happen. When you use the tools of Radical Manifestation, your Spiritual Intelligence does this for you. This is the best way I know of creating the space for the desired opportunity to occur. It puts the Law of Attraction into action for you.

Now let me provide some further food for thought about how you might take some practical steps to place yourself in the flow of opportunity and increase your income.

One of the principles of Radical Manifestation is that while we need to give our manifestation requests over to Spirit, we also need to go on with life and to be in action about what we have asked for in the only ways we know how. In other words, we have to give Spirit something to work with.

Define Your Purpose
One really important action step to take that could lead you in the right direction and raise your consciousness is to first discover, define and refine your purpose or your mission. Nothing is more likely to put you in the flow of your right and perfect life's work than doing this. Even if you are not in the position of possible job loss or income decline, creating a strong statement of purpose will enhance what it is you already do and pull you forward into even greater possibility.

When people who develop clarity about their purpose lose their jobs, they usually attract work to them eventually that is much more in alignment with who they are. (Note: Sometimes people subconsciously "create" losing their jobs in order to force themselves into a move of this kind). The job they "lost," may have been OK for providing money and benefits but it didn't feed their soul. Losing their job gave them an opportunity to evaluate their lives and make a decision to do something more meaningful.

Being of Service to Others
What this often turns out to be is doing something that enables them to be of service to others. Over the years we have noticed that this is nearly always the primary motivation for people who enroll in our professional, online certification programs.

It is in times like these that we need to look for the opportunities both to raise our consciousness and to make the necessary adjustments in how we are living and working. These are not in opposition to each other. In fact, they are two sides of the same coin. As we make practical and down-to-earth changes in our lives in response to events while at the same time raising our consciousness then we shall be guided by Spirit towards doing that which is in our highest and best interest. So stay calm while everyone is panicking, do what seems to be right in the moment and trust the Universe to take care of the details.

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Colin Tipping is the acknowledged authority on the application of The Tipping Method, a 'technology' that has come to be recognized as the most powerful leading-edge system for personal and spiritual growth at this time. The Tipping Method technology & system enables you to create the happiness, peace, good health and abundance that is your true birthright. Colin created the Tipping method to better enable the "healing" of individuals, families, races, corporations and communities as we move forward into the future. Please go to to learn more about Colin, The Tipping Method & other Radical Forgiveness strategies.