If you have taken the time to learn the basics of feng shui, you know that you need to incorporate all five elements of nature – fire, water, wood, metal, and earth – to achieve and restore balance within your living space. However, incorporating these elements in their natural states can prove a bit difficult, especially if you live in an apartment or other environment where others have a significant degree of control over what you place around your living area.

Instead of using the natural elements to balance your energy, try using the shapes associated with each element to help improve the balance in your home. Shapes can be powerful substitutes for the actual elements, if they are used in an appropriate manner. Here’s how you can represent each of the elements through shape:

Fire: This element is represented by cones, pyramids, and triangles. You can use stone or ceramic pagodas, which have pyramid-shaped tops, to represent fire in your yard. Also, you may be able to convince the owner of your apartment to let you plant small pine trees, which have conical shapes that will create a warm and vibrant atmosphere.

Water: If you can’t have fountains or ponds, consider using flowing shapes to represent water. Flags, banners, and mobiles will create the flowing shapes necessary to create water-like flowing energy. Also, you can use thing like hanging plants and wind chimes, which have downward-flowing shapes, to bring water into your environment. Water shapes will help increase the flow of positive, invigorating energy into your home space, and improve the relationships within your home.

Wood: Columns and striped objects represent wood. If you can’t use plants or trees to bring the stabilizing qualities of wood into your living space, try using striped pillows on your lawn furniture, or a bamboo fence, to create this energy. You will find that this is particularly useful for bringing balance and harmony for city living environments, where cars and motorcycles may vastly outnumber trees and shrubs.

Metal: Round, octagonal, and arched objects can bring the element of metal into your environment. Gazing balls and circular stepping stones are great for adding metal to an area of your yard. Arched trellises can also help to bring in this element to balance your home’s energy. You can use these shapes in areas where wood and earth elements are dominant to bring balance to your space.

Earth: Square and octagonal shapes can help you incorporate the element of earth into your surroundings. Square stepping stones, rectangular paving bricks, and flower boxes can all help you use shape to bring the earth element to your landscaping. This is particularly important if you live in a very urban environment where natural earth is not visible in great quantities.

As you can see, there are many representational ways you can use shape to help bring the balancing effects of the elements to your living space. Find what works for you and what is pleasing to you visually, and let that be your guide for creating a harmonious, balanced space for you and your family.

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