It was love at first sight. Joe Stravisky, a very tall (over 7 feet), regal and sexy man, was wearing "black, ornamented, dazzling boots" that caught Heart Wishbringer by surprise. This porcelain-skinned beauty with white hair or black hair depending on her mood, was thunderstruck and instantly in love.

From the moment these two adventurers met, they spent the next three weeks together. They chatted for hours at a time, never running out of scintillating conversation. They met for the very first time atop a waterfall above a lush green valley. Their romance was magical from the start.

After three weeks of non-stop communication, they got married, stating their vows while standing on top of that same waterfall where they had first met. That's when they both threw caution to the wind, didn't worry about what anybody else might think. They stripped down until totally naked and jumped into the cool water in the pool below.

Love knows no boundaries. These two found passionate, romantic, sustainable forever love, the kind most of us dream about but only a few lucky souls ever attain. These two lovers found it and are still enjoying their shared love today.

Only one glitch to this too good to be true love story. They met online, that is, their avatars met on line. The two real people, Rhonda Lillie lives in California and Paul Hawkins lives in Wales. Neither have abundant money and both are caring for children. Paul is unmarried with two children, one an autistic son, and Rhonda is divorced with 3 children and now lives in her parents' home while she is completing her college degree.
Where did they meet?

Rhonda and Paul met in an online virtual social community called Second Life. They created avatars to express themselves in a way they could not possibly do in their real lives and their real bodies. They are still in love, having only spent a very small amount of real time in real life together. But they chat daily online, using Skype to see each other and to hear each other's voices.

The world is limitless and the possibilities are endless now. We are not limited by attempting to find our match in our nearby local community. We can now search the world to find love and our soul mates.

So, is something limiting you in your search for love? Do you have a tiger inside of you yearning to come out and scratch the surface of the world? Do you have an angel hiding inside an outwardly cynical or cold person? Are you a silent adventurer, wanting to climb mountains and go deep sea diving, although your real life personality could never attempt such feats?

Many of us have scoffed at virtual communities like Second City, but this one couple found love – and this appears to be lasting love. How many others have slowly gotten to know a total stranger across the miles through sharing their fantasies of what life ought to be like? Don’t knock it till you try it.
But if virtual reality doesn’t do it for you and you are having relationship difficulties, then what are you waiting for?

Let go of your fears and face the reality of your situation. Speak to somebody about it, preferably an educated professional. Or find yourself a fantasy avatar psychotherapist, someone who will listen to you, understand you, support you, believe in you, and say whatever you want to hear, while your real life situation remains the same.

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Dr. Goodstone is a seminar leader, author, licensed psychotherapist, mind-body therapist, and former professor of health and physical education. She has worked with thousands of men and women to overcome their relationship concerns and create healing and love in all aspects of their lives. Her upcoming Creating Love Seminars will provide a venue to literally transform lives. Find out more at . For a private consulation: For your free personal assessment and to receive a customized free report: