One of the best tools to attract things you want is visualization. If done properly it can be not only the great manifestation tool, but also a very relaxing and pleasurable experience.

How to visualize?

Sit down comfortably and relax. It helps to first concentrate on your breathing. The breathing is directly connected with the mind. Yogis used pranayama breathing techniques to control their minds.

Most of people prefer to visualize with closed eyes, but some prefer to do this process with open eyes.

Start by thinking about the goal you want to achieve. Then use your imagination and paint a picture of your life as if you have already achieved your goal. Get into the situation as much as you can. Include your emotions in the picture. Enjoy your success. See your goal and your perfect life. See yourself living the life full of love, bliss and abundance.

Although the word visualization suggests the process must be visual, it really doesn’t have to be.

There are three kinds of people: visually oriented, feeling oriented (kinesthetic) and auditory oriented.

If you are a visually oriented person it will be the easiest for you to see an actual image. If you are a feeling oriented person it will be the easiest for you to imagine physical sensation. If you are an auditory person it will be the easiest for you to hear a narration in your mind about it. If you don’t know yet what kind of person you are, do all three kinds and you will find out which suits you the best. Some people combine all three ways of visualizing and if you are comfortable with it that would be the best. Whatever works for you, do it as often as you want, but you should enjoy the process, don’t make it a chore.

Remember that you can read countless books about the Law of Attraction, but if you don’t take action and apply the law consciously you might not get results you want. Visualization is the tool that can help you to apply the Law of Attraction and the Science of Manifestation.

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