You have one, don't you? A dream? Of course you do. We all do. Whether your dream is big or small here’s some advice on Living Your Dream.

1. You can be sure it's a dream and not a fantasy if your dream involves serving others in some way.

2. You're never too old to start living your dream.

3. Living your dream will allow you to be the best you can be and use your natural gifts, passions and talents to the fullest.

4. Living your dream will give you energy, even if your dream requires you to work harder than ever before.

5. Dreams are never too big, even if they start out feeling that way. You will grow into your dream!

6. Your dream is your dream for a reason. Therefore, if you don't live your dream, you're not living up to your purpose in life or your full potential.

7. Sometimes dreams have a way of bringing up the pain of our past. That's because just on the flip side of your dream is all your "stuff".

8. Living your dream will help you heal your "stuff".

9. You already possess all the talents and passions needed to bring your dream to light.

10. Your dream expects only one thing from you – to give it away.

11. Living your dream requires courage. You won't be able to live your dream if you can't find your courage.

12. Living your dream will inspire many others to live their dream. Can you imagine a world of people living out their dreams?

13. Your Dream = Love

14. Dreams DO come true.

15. Dreams can and will change over time. Therefore, keep asking yourself, "What's my dream today?"

16. If you have a dream, you're lucky. All the more reason to start living yours!

17. Living your dream may require you to make changes in your life; some big, some small, but all worth it.

18. Living your dream may make others uneasy. That's O.K. That just means they've been ignoring their dreams for far too long and by seeing you live yours they're reminded they have something more to do in their life too.

19. People will try to discourage you from living your dream. Live your dream anyway.

20. Encourage every kid you meet to discover and live their dream.

21. Be a Dream Maker. Help other people make their dreams come true.

22. BELIEVE in your dream.

23. Some dreams don't make sense at first. Stick with them, they will soon enough.

24. Fight for your dream.

25. Do whatever it takes to make your dream a reality.

26. Dreams come from many different places within you. You may feel your dream in your gut, your heart, your head, your soul. It doesn't matter where it comes from along as it's your dream and not someone else's.

27. Some dreams come true over night and others take t-i-m-e. That's O.K. The longer the wait, the more appreciative you'll be when your dream comes true!

28. Dream BIG!!

29. Dream every day.

30. Dream the impossible.

31. Dream for others who can't dream for themselves.

32. Dream of what it will be like when you're living out your dream. Gives you goosebumps, doesn't it?

33. Allow your dream to unfold in its own natural timing. Never push a dream. They don't like to be pushed.

34. Do one thing today to make your dream come true.

35. Enjoy living your dream. Your dream really enjoys you!

36. Don't be scared of your dream. Dreams aren't scary, unless you make them so.

37. Forgive your dream. It may require a lot from you, more than you can give sometimes.

38. TRUST there's a purpose to your dream. Keep trying to discover the purpose to yours.

39. Don't hide your dream. Dreams like to romp around, play and be in the company of other dreams.

40. Your dream wants you to be a little bit crazy on occasion. In other words, dreams really don't thrive from playing it safe. Get it?

41. Your dream wants you to know that it will come true if you do your part. Your dream promises it will do its part.

42. Never stop dreaming. If you're a person who likes to dream and fulfill your dreams, more and more dreams will make their way to you. Dreams like people who listen to them.

43. The bigger you get, the bigger your dreams will get.

44. Living your dream may be the road to making more money than you ever have before.

45. But if you don't (make more money), that's O.K. because by living your dream you'll finally understand that it's not about the money anyway.

46. Your dream is perfect for you.

47. Dream now, dream later, dream all the time.

48. DREAM beautiful dreams.

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