I met a very bright, intelligent person this last New Year's Eve. There was this gentleman sitting at the dining room table—and by the way, to put it in context, there must have been 40 people at this little gathering. A small, but adequately large, home-based New Year's Eve party.

And this gentleman sitting at the dining room table had the small group of people around him spellbound. I noticed he had a strange accent. I had never met him before—but as the night went on I met him, and he was very distinguished.

Time goes on. Fast-forward a few months, and he's invited me to speak and make a presentation— in Spanish, by the way, Conquista America. I'm finding out more about him now, because we're involved. He invited me, of course, because of The NEW Think and Grow Rich.

He's with the Southwestern Company, one of the most legendary direct sales organizations in the United States. Direct sales means you go out and you sell belly-to-belly, face-to-face, eyeball-to-eyeball. Now, direct sales can also be telephone; but it's not the way they do it or encourage people to do it. They've been doing it since 1855.

That, in part, is one of the reasons they're legendary—they've been doing it so long. Some of the greatest sales people on the planet attribute their start to sales, to the love of sales, to the psychology of sales, to learning how to handle objections, to learning to cast things in the proper light, to learning to ask for the order, to learning to close to the Southwestern Company.

And of course these same people are the successful people, the achieving people. I already said I saw that the man was distinguished. It was obvious. He was enchanting a group of people. He was "instructing" them—you knew you might have been seeing somebody really important there.

Now, fast-forward again. Having had the relationship with him for several months that we do, we happened to be together again recently in a conversation. Of course, we always talk about these positive themes, these developmental themes.

But we were just talking along and then we both came up with almost the same words at the same time, saying to each other, "Well, it's no wonder you believe that we create our own circumstances by the thoughts that we hold in minds, by the actions that we take, by the kind of things that we encourage."

See, success isn't an accident. Being distinguished, unless you're born into royalty, isn't an accident. Being competent, having the money, being in sync, these are not accidents. People drift into mediocrity or they direct themselves into superiority and become exceptional.

No social or selling rule is 100% accurate—I'll go with that. But obviously, the way we measure things in business is with money, and through actualization. These are things that we consciously decide to create. They have to be maintained, because the Law of Entropy says that they will dwindle down and disappear if they are not. It's just the way it is.

We create our circumstances by the thoughts that we condition and nourish in our minds and hearts, and then go put into action.

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