Have you ever really paid attention to what you say out loud to others for one whole day or a series of days? I recommend it—you just might learn why you can’t seem to get ahead or areas in your life you are not taking full responsibility for. So often we just say things without really realizing the impact or real meaning of the words. But, our words are more powerful than most people realize and can give us important clues about who we are being and what we are choosing for our lives. How? Our words are a direct reflection of our thoughts and beliefs, whether we are fully conscious of them or not.

If we make it a practice to pay attention to our words, we will gain a better awareness of our thoughts. By doing so, we can also become better creators of our best lives.

For example, if we hear ourself say to another, “I can’t afford it”, while this may be true in our experience, saying this out loud is a clue that we are having thoughts and feelings of lack. The Law of Attraction says we create our universe through our thoughts and beliefs. Our thoughts and beliefs bring to us, by attraction, the people, things, conditions and places that are currently in our life. So saying “I can’t afford it” simply means we haven’t changed our thoughts and beliefs yet around abundance.

I admit this is tricky. It is difficult to stop a cycle of thought, leading to words and emotions that turn into energy that turns into our experiences. Even our feelings about a certain thing, like not ever having enough money, may have become so commonplace to us we don’t even realize the frustration, anger or fear sitting there underneath the surface. We just sort of tuck the uncomfortable emotions away because “we can’t do anything about it anyway”. Unfortunately, we can’t hide anything from the universal energy, especially our feelings.

Charles Filmore calls the energy field around us a “thought atmosphere”. He stated “Every man produces a thought atmosphere that has character and power in proportion to his ability as a thinker. Power increases with expansion; in thought, power is great or small as the ideals of the thinker are high or low.

Robert Kiyosaki, author of “The Business School, For People Who Like Helping People”, and the bestselling “Rich Dad, Poor Dad” suggests replacing “I can’t afford it” with “How can I afford it?” because the difference in the second statement allows you to have bigger dreams. And, when you think bigger or greater, you get a bigger or greater life experience. Your words can help you change your thinking, by first helping you be aware of your thinking. Once aware, you can work on shifting your thoughts and beliefs, therefore changing your thought energy (feelings) and attract more of what you want.

The next time you here yourself say “I can’t, “I’m not", or "It’s not my fault"…I am thinking the word “how” can be a very helpful word. “How can I make more time?”, “How can I make this work better?”, “How can I take greater responsibility for creating my best life?”, “How can I enjoy this job until I get a better one?”, “how can I get along better with my kids?” The “How” will propel you forward, making you think bigger and send out a message of what you want, rather than what you don’t want.

This month, I challenge you to pay attention to your words and the awareness they bring for how you are showing up in your life. When you do, please be sure to look for the humor and power in this experiment. You will also start noticing the words of others and how they have created their particular life experiences.

Author's Bio: 

Debra Betterly, Ph.D. is a personal and spiritual development coach and mentor. She owns two buinesses and has degrees in wellness education, counseling and metaphysics and brings a spirit-mind-body approach to people who are ready to make life changes, be the master of their midlife and live a second half of life they can be absolutely thrilled about. Her coaching is designed to help people gain a greater understanding of how universal laws affect their life and to know and feel the POWER they have within them to live the kind of life they truly desire!
She resides in Florida with her husband and dog Sadie and is an active outdoor athlete, writer, internet marketer, and speaker.
You can check out her websites at www.amazingjourneycoach.com and www.higherselfcoach.com