You probably know about the extraordinary effectiveness of Life Coaching in helping clients who are past the need for therapy but still need support, productive insights and brainstorming such a relationship generates. Regular life coaching helps functional—often very highly functional—clients to go further, faster and work smarter, not harder in completion of desired goals. Coaching as a profession views the client as a complete person, not in need of fixing, and in possession of all the resources they will ever need to solve their own problems. But there comes a time even in highly functional client's lives when all the talking in the world doesn't help bust through a blockage or conquer an irrational fear.

These are often simple impasses - a man can't ask for a raise because he fears rejection, a woman has difficulty finishing her doctoral thesis because she thinks she's not smart enough (even though she is). Or a service professional finds they are living on past glories and can't seem to generate new sales or clients. These difficulties can all be dealt with elegantly and in most cases, swiftly, with Energy Coaching.

Dr. John Hartung's presentation on the use of Energy Therapies in Coaching at the Association of Comprehensive Energy Psychology's 2005 annual conference, showed that "coaching with an energy advantage" is a burgeoning movement with a fanatic following of both clients and coaches. Why? In Energy Coaching, we extend a client’s resources by empowering them to use The ETHOS Method, Emotional Freedom Technique, ZPoint Process, Be Set Free Fast and Energy Kinesiology methods as stress and blockages manifest in their everyday lives.

Half of these methods involve manual tapping and warming of acupressure points, and the others use the power of the mind and energy of thought to dissolve personal blockages. Just as the physical body is run on weak electromagnetic current, so our thoughts are also made of energy, and as such, can be retooled to transform our lives.

Clients using these techniques love how fast they are able to eliminate personal stoppers, even on the fly. They also enjoy continued quantum leaps in personal development that pick up where therapy leaves off and go much, much further. Armed with these tools and the coach’s eagle eye perspective, client success is much more readily ensured.

One benefit and natural outgrowth of Energy Coaching is resolution of the Coach’s own issues, with subsequent expansion of personal resources, awareness, life balance, abundance and spirit. Energy Coaches model success by maintaining their own energy hygiene on a daily basis, using a set of simple but powerful routines that they share with clients, family and friends. And like all therapists and coaches, Energy Coaches work with their own issues on an ongoing basis. Energy modification techniques are used by the Coach as well as the client when blockages arise—both inside and outside of the coaching session.

As a helping discipline, Energy Coaching has an experimental spirit, welcomes failure as valuable feedback, and honors that the knowledge gained from "learning another way not to do it correctly" can be the key to future success. Energy Coaches as a body of professionals have a mission to broadly teach energy modification methods to promote worldwide wellness. Psychotherapists, social workers, medical personnel, hypnotherapists, body workers and other human service professionals can easily segue into Energy Coaching as a complementary practice to the services they already offer clients.

Energy Coaching offers an advanced toolset and broader range of services for clients who have reached high levels of functioning. If the thought of working with well-functioning, highly-motivated clients energizes you, and you like the idea of having tools to get your own issues continually dealt with, Energy Coaching might just be YOUR next "quantum leap."

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Author's Bio: 

Maryam Webster, M.Ed. is a Master Energy Coach, Director of The Certified Energy Coach Program and author of Everyday Bliss For Busy Women, Quantum Flow Bioenergetics: Be Your Own Healer and The Certified Energy Coach Program Manual.

A psychotherapist with over twenty years of successful private practice, Maryam has been training therapists, life coaches and other helping professionals in the techniques and practice of Energy Coaching since 2001 and maintains a private coaching practice serving women in the helping professions.