Most online MLM distributors,network and affiliate marketers fail. Is this because MLM structures really don't work, as so many people say? Are they all just scams? Well, yes and no.

The fact is that there are ways of making an MLM Internet business highly successful. The trouble is, those MLM distributors have discovered these secrets are jealously guarding them. They want to minimize competition. But in truth, they cannot be kept secret for long, because as more and more Internet marketers figure them out, some of their number are more open to sharing them; for they realize that there's enough wealth online to go around--especially since one of the secrets of MLM success is to target a specific niche market and stick to it, rather than trying to be all things to all people.

What are some of the other secret keys to MLM Internet marketing success?

*When it comes to building your downline, choose quality over quantity. Yes, you do want your downline to grow as large as possible. But what good does it do you to spend your time and energy recruiting and training 100 affiliates when 99 of them are too lazy, unmotivated, or incompetent to make any money for you and themselves? "A few good men" can make you a lot more money than 100 sloths can. Be clear in your own mind about the kind of traits you want to see in a person who applies to be a part of your downline. With a little experience you'll get very good at recognizing who is serious and motivated and who just wants to go along for the ride.

Also, if you find that you already have a lot of dead wood in your downline, focus all of your efforts on helping just those who are making the good efforts. Let the others fail. Those who are motivated from inside will respond to your training.

*Duplication is everything. Your business model and training methods must be simple for all to duplicate exactly. You want copies of your business all over the place, and you want those copies making copies all over the place. If your business cannot be easily taught and duplicated, you won't have this.

So, be a leader to your downline affiliates. Show them the way in addition to keeping everything simple.

*Share everything you know with your motivated affiliates. Consider them your apprentices. You are earning some of the money they make by your providing of information, so don't hold anything back. The more they know, the more you make.

*Patience, patience, patience. You have to give yourself a good year or so before you'll see the really good money. That's the time when you are building your business so that it all starts exploding for you later on. Everything in MLM depends on initial conditions. The setup is all. You won't get anywhere if your setup is sloppy, so take your time and do it right.

Use these simple secrets to take your MLM to the next level.

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Aaron Alexandra Ngoh Kwong Meng is an expert online marketer and owner of the site The World Sponsoring Academy helps the Network Marketing/MLM pro to find, get, keep, and grow their downline by helping them to execute effective marketing and selling systems. If you want to succeed in network marketing,download your free book on how to use the Internet to double or triple the size of your organization within the next 30 days. Aaron has 10 copies to give away, click here for instant access