I empathize with you because the economy is in the dumps. All of us feel the effects, however, by empowering your mindset and motivation you will see it doesn’t matter what the economy does. It matters what you do. I know if you take spirit-enhancing action to produce spirit-enhancing results the economy will come roaring back and go to all-time heights. That’s the power of the human spirit.

Let’s take a look at three common scenarios in an economic recession:
1. Not closing enough business
2. Don’t have a job
3. There are no opportunities

A down economy is when amazing ideas appear because we are forced to think. Sometime because we don’t think we fall into the pattern mode. When the pattern doesn’t occur we feel disenfranchised. Therefore, compete by keeping the ideas coming. People always have incentive to invest in a good idea. Without giving them a good reason to invest there is no chance someone is just going to hand over a million bucks to you. This is also an opportunity for creative deal making and partnering. Adjust prices for prospects and clients based on each specific situation. Know who wants to invest in you by paying the price and/or upgrading to higher service and product levels and who you want to invest in with a price reduction and/or service and product enhancement.

There are no jobs is self-defeating. A better statement would be there is no job for you like the one you had. Empowering your mindset this filters to mean your job became stale and the market and people are making adjustments and taking corrective action. There may be a need to take something not as well paying, however, your options to want to explore are greater and will land you a better and higher paying job than before. How soon this will happen determines whether you’re working hard with an optimistic outlook or forming your own negativity group. I highly recommend being involved and interacting with positive minded people. There’s a tool we have in a five inch space. You don’t need to buy it, just stimulate it. It’s called our mind. What inputs are you putting into it to form the image you want to produce results and lead the life you want?

Finally, there are no opportunities. As a business performance coach/advisor people ask me when is a good time to start a business or how do I get a job. For ages the answer has been the same. You start a business when you want too and you get a job by going through the process of wanting, positioning, applying, and interviewing. These will never ever change. Sure there may be variations but the structure is basically the same.

The legendary, John Wooden, emphasizes the keys to basketball are timing, quickness, and positioning. So, how is your timing? Are you learning to become quicker and better by learning new skills? Yes, like in sports you must compete. No one will just give you a million bucks without a good reason.

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