If you are like most people you seldom take the time to really ponder and allow yourself to dream.

We tend to limit ourselves, stay in our place of comfort, be content with the lives that we have and make do.

Why do we do this to ourselves when we are born with our own unique set of talents and the ability to achieve greatness?

I want you to read this with an open mind. Even if you don't believe in yourself, trust in my belief in you.

Wallace D Wattles states in his masterpiece "The Science of Getting Rich" that "a persons right to life means his right to have the free and unrestricted use of all things which may be necessary to his fullest mental, spiritual and physical unfolding -in other words his right to be rich."

Genevieve Behrend who became the only personal pupil of the great authority on mental science, Thomas Troward wrote that you "should make the effort to obtain the things which you feel will bring you joy."

My understanding is that in order to be the best person I can be and to fully express my life's purpose and give of myself to others I must have access to all those things requisite to fulfilling my goal. To be the best person I can be in mind, body and spirit.

Another inspirational author Catherine Ponder talks of prosperity in terms of experiencing peace, health and plenty and that prosperous thinking gives you the power to make your dreams come true.

According to the great author Napoleon Hill, "Desire is the turning point of all achievement."

So ... What do you desire to be the best person you can be?

At this point you may be distracted with thoughts of lack and limitation. You may be uncomfortable with thoughts of wealth and abundance.

I know I was!

When I attended a Science of Getting Rich seminar conducted by David Schirmer for the first time in 2005 I wasn't interested in "riches." I thought that I was being a lovely supportive wife because my husband is a Stock Market Trader and that was 'his thing.' I was quite comfortable with my lifestyle as it was as well as out of work, unfulfilled and not really doing what I wanted.

If you have a Christian faith you may have been raised with a belief that it is righteous to be poor. God does not want us to suffer in poverty. God has put a dream into every one of our hearts and he wants it to come to fruition. This means in wealth, health, relationships, love, knowledge, EVERYTHING.

Wallace D Wattles refers to a power that permeates, penetrates and fills the inner spaces of the universe and that everything that you see around you is an expression of that power.

You may refer to the power as GOD, the divine mind or energy but essentially everything comes from that same source and if we understand how we can use this energy to do the work you can do, be or have anything.

That now leads us back to our desires and how we achieve them ... Bob Proctor said that the most important thing that a person can understand is what they want, what they really want.

So, the first thing you really need to do is work out exactly what you desire.

Take some time to write down everything that comes to your mind. Allow yourself to dream BIG. Don't try and figure out how you are going to achieve and gain those things. Just allow yourself to write down exactly what you would want in your life as if money was no object.

My advice is to write it down as a descriptive and detailed story of your ideal life paying particular attention to the language and tense that you use. The idea is to write it down as if it has already happened and you are giving thanks and gratitude for the blessings. The opening that is proposed in Bob Proctor's material is to start with "I am so happy and grateful now that ... "

The first thing that you may notice when you are doing this for the first time is that it is something that you wish for but you are having trouble convincing yourself that you could have it. You may feel like you are lying to yourself. Once you have a clear understanding of how your mind works you will know that merely wishing will not transmute your desires into reality. You must also believe that you can have your desires and that is what we call faith.

Napoleon Hill suggests that a desire must become an obsession. It must be a burning desire. With regards to money Hill says that the object is to be so determined to have it that you convince yourself that you will. He goes further to explain that your mind has to become thoroughly saturated with the desire for money or whatever it is you desire so that you can see yourself already in possession of it.

Another vital key is to ensure that your desires have definiteness about them.

One exercise that David Schirmer recommends is to create a monthly budget based on exactly how you want to live. Part of this process includes researching and establishing exactly what it would cost to live the life you want to live. That means going out and looking at the house, test driving the car and sourcing the actual costs involved.

The next step is repetition. If you are going to believe that you are going to achieve your goals and desires you must spend time in contemplation. The general recommendation is to spend a minimum of 30 minutes twice a day thinking about your desires. A more appropriate and helpful way of explaining that is to 'feel' your desires.

Use all of your senses to completely indulge in the experience and if you continue to do this regularly opportunities will begin to arise in your life, people will emerge and things will cause you to act in order for you to move closer to your goals.

Every successful person and top achiever that ever existed followed these principles.

This has only been an introduction to the process of achieving your desires. If you would like to continue finding out exactly what steps you need to take to have whatever it is you want in your life.

Author's Bio: 

David Schirmer has successfully traded the markets for over 26 years and taught thousands of people to do the same.
He is also Featured on "The Secret" which came about because he regularly teaches about the importance of mindset in creating what you want - including wealth from trading.