What stops you achieving your dreams and how long are you prepared to let it stop you?

That’s right, how long are you prepared to let it stop you?

With all the respect I can give, I believe we are our only limitation. We only usually perceive them to be external things if we allow them too.


First of all think about what is your dream? What are your outcomes in life? If you could achieve the most realistic (But then again who defines realistic) amazing goals in life what would they be?

I’d write them down……

And what stops you going for it and achieving it? At this point you may be getting reasons or in my world ‘excuses’ as they only give you reasons/excuses as to why you haven’t got your goal yet. It’s a natural response we all have from time to time.

But having found out our excuses we shouldn’t just let them be and give up on our dreams should we?

I’ve got a question for you….. If you had just twelve months to live would you allow those ‘excuses’ to get in the way of your wildest dreams?
No - I would doubt it. I am sure you would do all you can, even if there are things in the way stopping you, you would do anything in your power to overcome those hurdles.

But why?

Because the values have changed, in one situation you have the rest of your life the other you have twelve months to live. But in reality each situation has the exact same excuses or reasons but one situations refuses to allow them to get in the way.

Interesting isn’t? We are our only limitation.

If you don’t know your dreams or goals that you want to achieve in life, imagine having god like powers, what would you desire?

Would it be finances? Your soul mate? A new career? Vibrant health? The list is endless but whatever happens we should be aiming for the big goals in life that we want to achieve. And thinking like we have godly powers takes us beyond those limitations and reasons.

Question came from me to me the other night and maybe you should ask yourself this too.

What have you done today to change your life and the world for the better?

Your friend

Joseph Clough

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Joseph Clough is the UKs most exciting young talent in personal development with 8 years experience. As a trainer, author, coach and speaker he truly believes we all deserve to act out and be our true potential.for more info visit http://www.empoweringsounds.com and http://www.josephclough.com