What's Your Favorite Color ... Today?
Making Color an Ally in Your Life
By Rebecca Brents

I have known for years that color affected me. If the colors I'm wearing don't fit my mood, life and I are out of synch somehow. Now it seems physicists, mystics, and healers ... strange allies in our constant quest to understand the reality of our world better ... have shed light on some reasons why. Physicists teach that absolutely everything is composed of energy ... solid objects, sound, light, thoughts ... and color. One sort of energy affects other sorts of energy. We all know people who make us feel warm, safe, and comfortable ... and places that simply "give us the creeps." That's an example of energies interacting.

Color, apparently, interacts with us, too ... and vice versa. Color can change our mood, boost our confidence, stimulate our thinking ... and evidence suggests color even promotes physical healing. That's a handy thing to know ... and an easy thing to use, allowing you, the energy of color, and the power of your own awareness to be partners in directing your attitudes and managing life. Sounds like applied psychology of the best kind!

Although color preferences can be highly individual (as your energy interacts with color in your own unique way) ... here are some suggestions on what "universal meanings" different colors may have as a starting point for discovering your own relationship to color ... and vice versa.

White -- strengthens, cleanses, and purifies. It stimulates creativity and amplifies the effects of other colors.

Black -- contains the entire color spectrum and has strong protective qualities. It stabilizes and calms ... which may explain why it's associated with mourning. Too much of it, however, encourages apathy and depression. Black and white together balance each other ... and promote balance in their energies and in the energy they create together.

Brown -- promotes practicality and grounding, logic and common sense

Silver -- appeals to the imagination and instincts; activates intuition

Red -- stimulates, excites, energizes, promotes passion, and puts one "on alert."

Pink -- is the color of Universal Love; it calms anger and promotes empathy and kindness

Orange -- arouses creative impulses and sexual feelings, motivates, and invites social exchange.

Yellow -- stimulates communication and intellectual interest, provokes curiosity, invites an open mind, and lifts emotional tone

Green -- increases love, compassion, connection; stimulates growth and healing; soothes

Blue -- is restful, calming and can promote intuition

Indigo -- is especially fine in working with intuition, psychic development, and communicating with Higher Consciousness

Violet -- activates inspiration and spiritual connection

If you work actively with color in your everyday life and spiritual routines, you'll find there are personal connections you have to this form of energy that may be "uniquely your own" ... making it all the more pertinent and valuable for you. You, too, may start to feel the connection between your mood-of-the-day ... and the colors you want to wear to work with, counteract, or advertise this! Your mind will be enriched by the new lessons you find ... and your whole existence will profit from the extra joy and dimensions this wonderful visual energy and your awareness of it bring to your life!

(c) 2007 Rebecca Brents, All rights reserved.

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