On February 6 of this year, I was headed to school (Delphi University) to begin my Master’s Level studies in RoHun™ Therapy. I headed there a few days early in order to participate in an annual event called Energies. This is a powerful gathering of students, alumni and friends of Delphi. In other words, a powerhouse of Spiritual Healers and Therapists.

I was almost there when I was run off the road in a fairly isolated place. The driver either didn’t realize what had happened or was afraid of the consequences and didn’t stick around or report the accident. When I was finally found and the ambulance arrived I was still unconscious. My minivan was completely totaled. The medics ended up taking me to a place where a chopper could land to take me to the nearest trauma center (about 2 hours away by car).

Once at the Trauma Center, I rapidly decompensated creating the need for intubation due to a punctured lung. Most of the ribs on my left side had been broken as well as having a cervical fracture and I was mostly unconscious during the first week of my hospital stay.

My reason for all this detail is to convey the severity of the accident. I was told the first 24 hours were touch and go. There was serious doubt I would survive. Word of my accident got to the staff of Delphi by that evening and the following day, as Energies started, a moment of silence was requested to send healing to me. Shortly after this amazing and humbling offering, I became medically stable.

Moving forward a week and fully conscious I found myself not in a place of self-pity but in a place of Gratitude (I didn’t learn about the distance healing and therapy until after my hospital stay). Each day I found myself noticing all the things I was grateful for – my sister driving 2 hours or more every chance she could to visit me or take care of the remains of my car, the pain meds that made waking and movement possible, the hospital staff and the calls I received from loved ones who wanted to check up on me even though my vocal chords weren’t working very well from the intubation and mostly I just listened.

I continued on in this state of Gratitude and each day practiced Reiki Self Healing and various other Energetic Modalities. What could have been a lengthy hospital stay turned into a mere three weeks. The cervical collar I was told I would have to wear for three months came off six weeks after the accident, and the oxygen they sent me home with was discontinued shortly after.

While still very raspy when I talk, at least I can now talk loudly enough to be heard and my ribs are healing. I am so Grateful to those who have and continue to send healing in my direction. Immediately upon my return home I began working on the effects of my accident with my RoHun™ Therapist (yes the Therapist has a Therapist) and my Psychiatrist who is also a Doctor of Metaphysics. I am so Grateful to these wonderful women, not to mention my cats and dog who haven’t left my side since I’ve been home.

What I’m trying to say is no matter how bad the situation, when we can add Gratitude (about anything) to our thoughts, we rise to a higher vibration/frequency which makes us more capable of Self Healing – Emotionally, Mentally and Physically.

What are you Grateful for and how will this Gratitude help amplify your ability to heal yourself and others?

Author's Bio: 

Rev. Karen McKnight holds a BS in Metaphysical Healing, Certifications as a Reiki Master, RoHun Therapist and Medical Assistant with close to 30 years in traditional Health Care.

Following the deaths of several close family members in which she was the primary caregiver, including both parents and her only child, she went through a period some call a "Dark Night of the Soul" - a Spiritual, Emotional and Mental crisis.

During this time, and with the help of a Metaphysically aware Psychiatrist, she began her Metaphysical journey and found the healing she so desperately needed. She continues her studies at Delphi University where she will ultimately receive her Doctorate in Metaphysical Healing and Transpersonal Psychology (Spiritual Psychotherapy).

Karen is also the owner of Tranquil Energy Healing, a business devoted to helping others find their own Inner Healing and Wisdom through a variety of services.

Please visit her website, www.tranquilenergyhealing.com to see if you would benefit from any of her services.