It has been a crazy Thursday from very early in the morning, and tomorrow will be more insane. We call it “Grampy Day”, my annual venture into the world of fun with my two oldest grand kids sans parents or other adults. Golf, fishing and whatever else my little heroes want. I’m excited!! No blog tomorrow!
Daily I sit down and do a journal, well almost daily. It is something that I have done since I rehabbed nearly 14 years ago, and something I do as part of my journey to a life that has been restored.
I started publishing my journal as a blog on the advice of a business coach I work with. It kills two birds with one stone, it keeps me in the now and externalizing things that go through my mind as well, and it lets people who want to know, know who I am.
I’ve had a fair number of comments on various things I’ve posted, am now considered an Expert” in my coaching area by and have met some great people. Yes, it has led to some business; we all have to make a living. Funny enough, my paying clients, save and accept for one, are being coached in areas that have nothing to do with addiction directly, and are making good progress; that feels good.
We are going through some interesting times with two of our children. That has certainly caused some roller coaster rides emotionally, particularly when a grand child is involved. While a “BIG” problem today, a year from now it won’t be on the radar screen.
We are in the troughs of getting a new home, a down grade from a financial stand point and it will mean moving to a much smaller community about an hour away. The blessing, our kids are all scattered and our new home town is where our daughter, son-in-law and 2/3 of the grand kids are. The meaning of family seems to deepen with age.
Buying the house, particularly getting “extras” from the builder and at least 3 others representing the builder has been a horror story. If I ever need a lesson in bad communications, they have given it to me. The stress from some of the nonsense has been out of sight!
With the changes that have been happening, and issues that have come up, coupled with a world that is challenged economically and starting a brand new venture from a work stand point, life has been nuts!
I am grateful for the journey that I’m on, and the gifts I have been given. I am grateful for the opportunity to focus my work life on helping others become what they desire to become. I am grateful that despite the nonsense in my past, I speak with my children and grand children, am buying a bungalow, have god health and am blessed with many great people in my life!
As much as possible, I try to live what I coach.
As well, I maintain a large “service” component in my life on a volunteer basis, and keep my vocation separate!
My golf game is in disrepair, and silly as it sounds, that is a reflection of some of the huge environmental issues and “challenges” that have come along in the past 15 months or so. Nice to have a hobby/passion that gives feedback on mental health!! I still love to spoil my walk in the park by golfing.
I am committed to continuing my journey free from addiction and in a mode of continuous improvement. My spiritual life continues to be a major daily focus, and my relationship with me and the higher power within is alive and well. I know I have to take more initiative to build my business, but that is happening and if I preach patience, I must practice it!
If I were giving a report card on “NOW”, I’d give life about 80%. As my teachers use to write, good effort and results, room for improvement!
Funny, with a bit of time in the journey, great support from others, decent self-esteem, and a solid spiritual life, daily living has its ups and downs and I experience highs and lows. My defects of character still impact on me; they are who I am and I appreciate that some of my best qualities get me in to funny places!
I realize every day how human I am and am not up for any awards for perfection.
Keith, it’s a journey, not a destination, and I trudge on. I am a restoration project, being restored to what I am supposed to be!

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