"Whole Life Coaching" is an unfamiliar term to many people. It's true that athletes commonly work with coaches to become proficient in particular sport. And recently, working with the coach to achieve one's business goals has also become a common practice.

However, life coaching is a bit different. It seeks to address all aspects of your life, instead of simply focusing on one area. And just as with other forms of coaching, an exceptional coach can produce exceptional results. Here are seven effects you can see if you use the services of a qualified whole life coach.

1. More Energy - A lot of us have our energy blocked simply because of the stress we experience in our lives. This type of stress negatively impacts us in every way, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. We may feel tired, run down, and overwhelmed but not quite know why. Whole life coaching helps solve this because it can help you discover the blocks to your energy that are causing these feelings and can help you remove them, too. And, it will help you treat your energy as a valuable resource that is to be preserved and protected so that you can focus on what matters most to you.

2. Better Well-Being and Improved Physical Health - When your life is aligned in every area, including mind, body and spirit, your physical body falls in line with this new efficiency. You discover that "self-care" is not wasted time but in fact it's necessary, so that you take the time you need to do what you need to do to remain well and healthy. If it's needed, your whole life-coaching program can include education on diet and nutrition, focus on a healthier lifestyle, and work on channeling energy into needed areas of healing. When done this way, you can start to look and feel better.

3. Elevated Self-Esteem - As every area of your life begins to work better together, you're going to feel better overall. When you see that you yourself are the catalyst for the positive changes in your life and to those around you as well, you can begin to develop greater confidence, and from that greater confidence comes better self-esteem. This is indeed a wonderful cycle to repeat over and over again.

4. Empowerment - If you've had a life of feeling inadequate, having blocked energy, or experiencing "learned helplessness," you may feel that your life is out of control and not your own. When you discover this and work with a whole life coach to first, discover the problem, you'll find the solution. Whole life coaching can help you discover what's caused these problems in the first place, but perhaps most importantly, you'll be empowered because you both create and implement the solutions to those problems. You and your whole life coach work together, with your whole life coach as a major part of the support system you create as you make these changes. All of this will lead to empowerment, which will make your life so much better.

5. Stress Reduction - So much of our stress comes because we don't feel like we're in control. When we take action, whether it's to address a specific problem or simply the process of starting whole life coaching overall as a means to improve your life, you can get back in control of your life, your decisions, and ultimately, your destiny. And with the conversations, exercises and techniques you'll experience with your life coach, you can greatly reduce your level of stress and take back control.

6. Greater Balance In All Areas of Your Life - When you discover the basis for the imbalance in your life, you can make the changes to correct the problems and start seeing immediate and encouraging results. And since whole life coaching does not just focus on one area to the exclusion of the other areas of your life, the whole life approach helps you immediately experience a greater sense of balance, stability, and serenity.

7. Overcome Barriers to Success and Happiness - So many of us seem to get stuck on the same issues and revisit them again and again, never quite been able to break free or seeing what stands in the way of success and ultimate happiness. Whole life coaching can help break this cycle so that you can remove these blocks want to see what they are; if you can't entirely remove them, at least you can cope with the effects they have more effectively.

Whole life coaching can let you make significant changes quite quickly and easily, leading to a happier and more successful life. That's because it takes a holistic approach to your life instead of simply focusing on one area. Because you are seeing your life from a "big picture" perspective, even a small change in one area of your life can dramatically and positively affect other areas by default. And these results can be nothing short of wonderful.

Author's Bio: 

Donna Burick uses a unique combination of Whole Life Coaching and Energy Therapy Healing to create quick, easy and lasting transformations in the lives of her clients. For more information on Donna Burick please stop by her Whole Life Coaching profile page.