Warren Buffet

Ever heard the name Warren Buffet?
If you have any interest in finance, economics, investments, entrepreneurship, successful business men, accounting or business then you've probably heard of the man; he is after all the richest man in the world, with a net worth of about $62 billion.

Buffet made his money mainly from the investments he made in the stock market and in other companies he bought. This is not what should impress you about Warren Buffet nor is it the reason I mentioned him in this article.

The reason I mentioned Buffet here is that during his early years, Benjamin Graham, his tutor, refused to hire Buffet and even suggested that he should avoid a career on Wall Street!!

The truth about rejection

The richest man in the world, who has managed to collect all his money through the stock market, was advised by his tutor to completely avoid the stock market. Why on earth did Benjamin Graham tell Buffet that a career in that specific field wouldn’t suit him? Why did Buffet’s father agree with it? Why didn’t they realize that this was Buffet’s dharma? What would have happened if Buffet had decided to find another career other than being a stock broker? The result would have been obvious; his name wouldn’t have been mentioned in this article.

Isn't possible that Benjamin Graham didn’t really have it to judge someone's talent? Well, it's obviously so; Benjamin Graham’s title nowadays is “the father of value investing”, his investment books are must have classics that everyone interested in investments is advised to buy. For the sake of honesty, I must say that Graham’s heart later changed and agreed to hire Buffet, but again there was a period of time where Graham completely rejected Buffet.

Buffet isn’t the only person to be rejected but many of the successful people you see nowadays were rejected in their early lives. What’s really funny is that lots of them were told to change their careers, the same careers that made them famous later on in their lives.
Why do people reject me?

The conclusion you should have reached by now is that people’s opinion are completely worthless even if had all the experience and knowledge of the world. Whoever these people may be, they can never know everything about your abilities, skills and qualities, even if someone's lived with you for years, they can never know your real potential; no one will ever be qualified enough to judge you.

Even if you are the best at what you do you are still subject to rejection by your peers and friends. The correct way to deal with rejection is to not ask yourself Why do people reject me? but it's to ask yourself Who are these people to judge me?

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