Why these breeds top the list

Earlier this year, the American Kennel Club released its list of last year’s most popular dog breeds. Although the list was categorized by large cities (each breed was ranked based on the city’s registration statistics), many dogs showed up numerous times. Which dogs were chosen as most popular and is there really that big of a difference among American cities?

In the South: Atlanta, Charlotte, Nashville, and Tampa all agreed with each other and with the rest of the country in choosing the number one most popular breed: the Labrador Retriever. In the past, this breed was used as a hunting dog, but its loyalty and even temperament led it into people’s homes. The Labrador Retriever makes the perfect dog for any size family. It is loyal, well mannered, and gentle with children. If properly socialized, the dog gets along with other animals and people. It is no wonder that the Labrador Retriever is a popular choice for city dwellers: you can trust the dog when traveling and when visiting a place where socialization is extremely important. Out of the four Southern cities, Atlanta was the only city not to include the Poodle on its top ten list, while the Beagle only made it on Nashville’s top ten even though it is ranked fifth nationally.

In the North: Baltimore, Boston, New York, and Philadelphia all felt the same way about the Labrador Retriever, naming it number one in all cities. Pugs, Bulldogs, and Poodles also made the cities’ lists, though Pugs did not appear on the national top ten. Perhaps these cities love Poodles because of their variety of appearances. The dogs come in many sizes and colors and love accompanying their owners at all times. Like Labrador Retrievers, Poodles started as working dogs; they helped retrieve in the water. Poodles are highly intelligent and fairly easy to train, making them great home companions. New York listed the Havanese as their number four dog, even though it appeared as number thirty-seven on the national list. Perhaps its double coat and small frame make it perfect for both the cold weather and fashion awareness of the city; although, strangely enough, the dog originated in the tropical climate of Cuba.

In the West: Houston, Los Angeles, and Salt Lake City were no exception to making the Labrador Retriever their favorite pick. Golden Retrievers, dogs that always rank in the top five on the national list, fell short in these cities, ranking sixth in Houston, fifth in Los Angeles, and eighth in Salt Lake City. Los Angeles boasts many pint-sized pups, while Houston loves the guard dogs. Los Angeles was one of only two cities that preferred the French Bulldog, which ranked thirty-fourth nationally. But, like many of L.A.’s favorites, the French Bulldog is sweet, playful, and small.

Labrador Retrievers, Yorkshire Terriers, and German Shepherds were nationally ranked in the top three positions. Why some cities favor certain dogs over others can depend on a number of things. The dogs can be utilized as statements of fashion, protectors, and park companions. Their coats can even make a huge difference on where they end up. For instance, even though Siberian Huskies can survive in warmer climates, they are most often found in cooler areas. Cities known for their active residents often display outdoorsy dogs that can be taken on camping trips or trips to the beach. No matter the reasoning, it is safe the say that these cities choose their dogs based on temperament and behavior. Most of the dogs listed are naturally loyal and great family companions.

The American Kennel Club ranks the most popular breeds every year. The rankings are based on the previous year’s registration statistics. As trends across the country change, the rankings also change. Fifty cities across the nation are ranked along with the nation as a whole. Labrador Retrievers and Golden Retrievers seem to maintain positions in the top ten year after year. Perhaps it is their friendliness and ability to live with families of any size. To find out if your favorite dog makes the list and to find out more information on the different registered breeds, visit the American Kennel Club’s Web site.

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