Nothing really valuable in life is truly free, and that includes your MLM or network marketing business. Do you know that on average over 3,500 people per month Google for the search term "free leads MLM"? That's a lot of people looking for something for nothing. They want free access to internet-based prospects without paying a cent.

If you are ever tempted to search for "free leads MLM" and jump into what is offered there, don't. You may not be wasting your money because the leads are free, but even that isn't even really true. Some of the leads are not free. Some offers give you five or ten free leads, then try to hook you into a program where you pay for leads.

The other disadvantage of the "free lead MLM" type of lead is that you will waste a whole lot of time. Most of the prospects you get through this kind of marketing program will be cold, uninterested, and tired of spam. These people have had their contact information recycled hundreds of times and are so tired of people calling or emailing them that they probably won't even pick up the phone when you call (or if they do, chances are they will be rude and angry).

If you want to save yourself this kind of aggravation, skip the generic free leads bit. Restrain yourself from typing the words free leads MLM into the search engine. Instead look for targeted traffic. That is, find a group of people who might be interested in what you have to offer and put your link in front of them. You can do this with article marketing, forums, video marketing, pay-per-click advertising, newsletter advertising, and more. Save yourself the hassle of talking with lots of angry, over-spammed cold prospects and go for quality targeted traffic instead. Yes, you are going to have to pay a few dollars but it will be worth what you save in aggravation!

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