When the news is so grim sounding and difficulty seems to be on every horizon when it comes to the economy, most people get pessimistic. I say let’s take this opportunity to see a different side of life. Remember the Monty Python song “The Bright Side of Life”? Well it’s all about perspective and the energy you place onto something.

Let your competition get pessimistic. Let them think that there’s not enough. Let them decide to make a cutback. The economy is just like life and if you choose to be on the other side of the negative thinking and those who are down-in-the-mouth, then you will be on the upward side.

Your thoughts and energy to follow a different course will give you the upper hand. You will find new innovative ways to spread your message. Maybe you’ll even come up with a brilliant new innovation because you aren’t listening to the news. Or maybe you listen to the news and become inspired to think about your product or service in a way that is from your heart.

Note: When you come from your heart and passion you make the most sales and are the most creative about possibility.

Here are some wonderful techniques to gain and keep that gleam in your eye and more dough in your pocket:

1. Clear your space of old, used stuff. The clearer your space is the more space the universe has to fill it with new wonderful pieces.

2. Give away something that you’ve held for a long time knowing that you really to need to let go.

3. Tap your heart and smile when you think about your economy.

4. Write down 10 of the most outrageous ideas you have for changing your situation (no matter if it’s a financial one, a material one, or one that seems just too impossible). The purpose of this is to take your brain on a journey outside of your normal drive and to experience new energy and create possibility.

Here's how a bad economy can give you a competitive edge....

New economic realities and consumer concerns mean an awful lot of doors closing, gloom, doom, etc. But it also means people are seeking new ways to use the same old stuff. The stock market being down is an opportunity to get in, because if you ever kept saying you couldn’t get in as it was too high, now is the time. Owning a property is now within the reaches of many who didn’t have the ability to buy a home that was such a high price. Reality is that there a still lenders out there willing to work to make the loan happen and who have the means to make it happen. All you need to do is take the courage that you keep locked up, dust it off and take action.

Another thought - Why shouldn't you be the one to show others how to take advantage of the current economic situation by revising your website, taking a new course that you didn’t have time for before, get out and meet other people, say hello to someone you don’t know, go to a new restaurant, search for that deal on Craigslist. Ultimately, take the old and make it new and fresh.

Why shouldn't you be the one to show them how to develop new products?

For example, if you market widgets for yourself or for a client, it's time to show prospective widget buyers how they can pay less when they buy widgets in general, and how your widgets can save them money now and in the long-run. Now is the best time to advertise. Because many have decided to cut back and advertise less, now your ad may be more visible. Through any type of communication with prospects and customers -- get the message out there!

Money is still flowing and will continue to flow, it’s just a matter of who it flows to and how much flows.

Economic downturn or no, plenty of money will change hands (many fortunes were made in the depths of the Great Depression). Some businesses will prosper and some people will get rich. Why not you?

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