Lately I have thought of some powerful analogies for life. Life has been a most excellent teacher. This weeks lesson was, "what you don't fix will ultimately cost you." This lesson came because I procrastinated having a leak fixed on my car. That leak that would have only cost me $75 ended up costing me nearly $300. I often think of people who allow things to fester in their life. What will it eventually cost them? Will it be a marriage, their health, or their life?

There was a woman I know, who we'll call Jo. Jo was one of those people who had grown up the hard way. Drug addiction and morally loose behavior had ravaged her life. Her life got turned around fifteen years ago when she embraced her spiritual side. This led her to helping the poor and trodden, but a problem developed. She began excusing not being with her husband. Six nights out of seven they were in different places. Whenever anyone asked about it they both said they served the devil that hard so why not serve God that way. Those who had the ability to influence her said nothing because they benefited from the involvement. This led to her husband leaving her. She thought he was fine with the arrangement, but when someone else offered him an alternative he took it.What did not fixing the original problem cost her? Her marriage, her time, since she had to get a second job, and bankruptcy. Unlike my car, she waited too late to try to fix the problem. But a funny thing happened. Jo had been one of those women who looked down on people who needed any help. Her whole manner was that there was something wrong with them. When her husband left her, the compassion she had held back came out. People were compassionate towards her instead of returning the unkindness she had handed out.

Sometimes you bring the lessons into our life that you need by our inner request. You know the emptiness, frustration, etc. that you feel at times. The lesson Jo needed to learn was to have compassion. At other times, life brings the lessons that you have evaded or overlooked. Unlike in school there are no A's or B's. Life is what educator's would call a mastery teacher. That means you keep getting the lessons until you master it. In other words, a "B" is not an option. Some mastery teachers require a "100" in order to go further, depending on the importance of the lesson to be learned. Think of it this way. If you don't know simple addition then algebra is not going to be useful. You have to master the basics in order to advance. We all like to feel that others have been where we are, and some have, but the lesson to be learned may not be the same. Don't fall into the trap of trying to make the spark plug of a Ford Taurus fit into a BMW. In other words, learn your own lessons not those of someone else. Be encouraged by the paths of others, but know that your path is about you.

This lesson has become particularly true to me lately as I have looked beyond my comfort zone for answers to life's questions. When I wanted to get well I found someone who helped me tremendously, but the people in my comfort zone didn't like the spiritual package. They didn't think it was right. I had to look beyond the natural and make a decision that was for me. When I was true to myself the universe backed it. Sometimes the lesson that life has to teach is that God deals with each person differently and He will use whomever he needs to help us. He does not force you to stay ill when someone can help. It made me wonder how many people have may still be looking for an answer to a question that life has sent the answer to, but they refused to hear it because of the package it came in.

I have also learned that God using someone to help you does not mean you have to embrace his or her whole package. Does that make sense? In other words, if something is against your belief systems then do not embrace it. I give you permission to disagree. Some people are so caught up in the non-essentials that they overlook the pearl. Keep this in mind, all of us are on a path, but how you get to the end will different from everyone. Also, the path has people on it and most will not believe as you do, but they are essential to the lessons you are to learn. The biggest lesson being, let others be who they are without your judgment. So embrace the teachers and find the pearl of great wisdom they have for you.

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Delores Williams is a trained educator with minors in social science and religion. In 2003 she established Woman to Woman, an organization that is dedicated to helping people discover their value. She can be reached at