There is a little known fact that what goes up must come down (eventually).
It’s easy to get caught up in the highs of our passion and just as equally easy to get caught up in the lows of our passions.
When faced with the highs we need to embrace them, and ride the wave as long and hard as we can to the shore.
K knowing what to do is one thing, but doing it is a completely different story. Then how do we make sure we maximize the highs and minimize the lows?
We must become conscious first of those weeks, days and hours that we are at our best and also be equally as conscious as to when we are at the lows of our passion.
Neither one is good nor bad but they just are. For me I welcome those valleys because I know that there is something new and exciting to be learnt in the valley. Sometimes I am scared and afraid, but my true feeling is gratitude and curiosity.
Taking advantage of the day, taking advantage of ourselves, our abilities and our passions is so important because what we could do in one hour when we are unmotivated and in a valley we could do in 10 or even 5 minutes when we are at the peak.
To get to know when we are at our best is fun and challenging. It takes trial and error and some preparation.
Planning a passionate life is so important, because you need to set yourself up with the right environment and schedule to succeed without it you fizzle and flop.
So lets work together to make a schedule for you to utilize when you are peaking it at your peak) and downplaying those valleys.

Lets first look at how we can do this together using the tool that I’ve created that helped me grow and give my passion:


My ultimate passion is:

The strategy that I am using while working toward my ultimate passion is:

My month by month plan that takes me to my ultimate passion is:

My favorite days of the week for working on my passion are:

The favorite times for working on my passion are:

I believe that each of has been granted with individual body clocks that operate to their own systems. Just as nature has its own system I believe we too have a system. I don’t think we need to follow the 9-5pm rules, and I actually think that it ludicrous because sometimes we just don’t feel like getting out of bed, and when we do something terrible happens like a car crash, or a falling out with our partner, or an angry boss. What ever we feel we should run with it, if we feel like working on our passion pick up that ball and begin to sprint. If you feel you should just mooch at how, just do that. Don’t worry if you find yourself staying up late to get a project done, or if you find yourself giving up time with friends to pursue more of your passion. Keep your life balanced but maximize every minute. If you feel like spending more times with some friends then do it, vote with your gut not your head. Your head will more often than not take you to weird places, get your lost, and then leave you there. Your gut will take your places, maybe you will get lost, but more often than not you will stumble across true beauty. But don’t expect it, stay open, stay aware and it will be there. It is there; in fact if you opened your eyes an inch more to see all of the beauty that surrounds you, you would astonish yourself and feel like a little kid in a candy store.

Top 5 Rules for Peaking out your passion:

1) Define every day 1 thing that you want to achieve. Do not define any more than 2 things. Everyday aim to complete 1 thing. The catch is that it has to be major. It can not be small, 1 major aim every single day. That’s simple isn’t it, are you going to do it? Come on are you going to do it, scream out yes and let me hear your enthusiasm.
2) When ever confused, frustrated, or even creative think on paper. Think on paper. Not voice recorder, paper! Writing out your thoughts has an extraordinary effect and firstly conceptualizing and helping you gain clarity and secondly it has an extraordinary effect at bringing them into the real world. It gets them out of your head, onto paper and real. Because they are, make them real by writing down what ever is on your mind now: Go!
3) Always do one thing at a time and complete it before you move onto something else. Multi tasking is fine, but for you to make your passion all that it can be, and your life all that it can be you must devote all of yourself at every given moment to your passion, this means no short cuts, we want quality first. Always complete your task that you start that takes you toward you major passionate goal. Don’t differ unless you see there is a better way or if you find that it is no longer aligned to your goal. Complete what you start and give it all you’ve got and nothing less.
4) Set up set days and systems for maximizing your time. (I will show you some soon). And do not differ from them, this means be disciplined. It is a pleasure to be disciplined because you can control yourself. You are not an out of control screaming little kid, you are well manner, controlled and disciplined. Well manners, control, and discipline never go out of fashion.
5) If you knew that everything you want can be achieved through learning more would you learn more? It can, and while this isn’t directly related to peaks and valleys it is tied in, if you can learn more about yourself and your passion you are setting yourself up for more peaks than valleys because you understand how it works, and you can have more compassion, more understanding and more knowledge. This allows you to make more peaks and minimize the valleys. So learn more to live more peaks.

Knock and your passion shall be found
Open and your passion can be seen
Give and your passion can be felt
Grow and your passion will endure
- Sarah Liddle

Author's Bio: 

Sarah Liddle
Life Coach, Certified Body Ecologist, Health Professional for Onegroup Organics