THE "FAB FOUR"... THAT WILL GET YOU INTO TROUBLE (And... Another 4 That Will Help You Stay Out Of Trouble)

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Want to get into trouble quick? Practice the first "fabulous four" below and you will.

Want help in staying out of trouble? Strive to put into practice the second "fabulous four" and it will help.


The First...

Lack of self-control.

If I have a major area of weakness, don't respect my tendencies toward self-addiction in that area, and show little, if any, self restraint when it comes to taking the proper precautions that could cause my downfall, I am bound to get into trouble.

The Second...

Anger and violence.

Ever hear of "road rage"? And what about rage in general? Anger that is not consistently managed well will get me into trouble.

Violent actions repeated on a regular basis: these will most assuredly cause me to be entrapped in a snare of my own making. Not to mention the agony and despair my actions could force on others.

The Third...

Being argumentative.

Not as serious as rage and violence, but deadly in terms of building relationships with others.

Don't be a person who is quick to fight: a verbal gladiator if you please.

Get a reputation of being a snappy, cantankerous person and watch the distance between you and others increase over time.

Lonely is not a pretty word.
And a much less pretty experience.

The Fourth...

Loving money the wrong way.

And by the wrong way I mean placing too high a value on gaining wealth with little concern how it is acquired.

In the end, I will lose in the process of "gaining" if I remain out of balance in my approach to the acquisition of wealth.


The First...

Be friendly.

Genuinely care for people.

It's an "old" truth but true nonetheless: people like friendly people.

If I work on being friendly, it will help me stay out of trouble with others.

Is that a guarantee?
Of course not.
But being friendly does help.

The Second...

Be faithful.

Be faithful in your relationships and responsibilities. People like people they can count on.

People respond well to people they can trust.

The Third...

Share good advice.

Excellent counsel given at the right time, with right motives, in the right way is invaluable.

People appreciate people who share practical tips for living with them -- especially when the timing is right.

The Fourth...

Show respect to people.

Value their talents, be sympathetic during their ups and downs, share their joys, and express understanding in the middle of their hardships.

Treat people with dignity.

People value respectful people.


Number One...

Grow in your ability to influence others in a positive way. Doing so can bring you personal satisfaction and a deep sense of accomplishment.

Give yourself the gift of growing in your leadership abilities.

Number Two...

Gain experience or knowledge that will cause you to grow, advance, become better, or give you an emotional lift.

Give yourself the gift of time for self-development.

Number Three...

Follow the powerful and productive desires of your heart.

Honor them.
Make room for them.
Cultivate them.

Give yourself the gift of pursuing the positive passions of your heart.

And Number Four...

Continually strive for balance.

Seek to balance...

Work with pleasure.
Seriousness with laughter.
Self-development with "down time."
Caring for others with caring for yourself.
Personal discipline with spontaneous creativity.


1. Review each "fab four" set.
2. Highlight what interests you.
3. Take some action as soon as possible.
4. Celebrate after the action has been taken.
5. Plan the next action you will take.
6. Summarize your thoughts and actions in a success journal.
7. Repeat the process.

Yours for a day filled with beautiful moments in time,


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