Many of our subscribers and members are entrepreneurs and small business owners.

And unlike people who work in larger organizations, solopreneurs often don’t feel part of a team. Most don’t even think they HAVE a team.

But they do.

Here at SuccessNet, we have only two employees. The rest are all independent contractors. But even then, there are others on the team that you might not think of at first.

Our accountant, banker, joint venture partners, affiliates, advisors and mastermind partners all round out the SuccessNet team.

When I first started almost ten years ago, I invited some trusted friends and associates to be on my advisory board. And I’ve almost always had a mastermind team with whom I meet weekly.

It may not take a village, but it does take a team.

I’ve never heard an honest person get up and take all the credit for any success. They know their success is the result of the efforts of many others. They thank their families, their coaches, agents, assistants and many more. The days of accomplishing anything of import without the support of others are gone.

Who’s on YOUR team? Think about everyone who contributes to your operation. The person who works on your computer and your network, your suppliers and even your cell service representative are important pieces of your organization. There may be dozens who you may not have considered part of your team.

When you start thinking of them in this way—and get THEM thinking like this—you'll be able to make even more progress. In addition, it will help you not to feel so alone.

Action Point
Enroll every member of your team in your vision and your mission. Make sure they understand what you want and why you want it. Think of them—and treat them—like team mates. It’s part of the new economy and the new business paradigm.

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