Face reading! Is it true?

Whatever you try to hide, is written on your face. Yes, it's true, it's not some kind of magic, it has always been there, but you are the one who did lack the required knowledge. Statistical studies showed that there is a strong connection between face features and personality; you may have noticed that people who look alike tend to behave the same or at least have some common behavior.

How accurate is face reading

When strong statistical research was made the result was that 68 personality traits can be identified from the face features with a high accuracy, up to 70%. And so was the development of the science, face reading.

Face reading reverse effect

What's more about face reading is that the personality/looks relation is believed to be reversible, that is if you changed your personality your looks may differ over the years, and don't get shocked, you already saw this before, ever saw a couple after years of marriage starting to look like each other? That is because their personalities changed too and was reflected on their looks. After all the mind body and soul are not isolated, they are one thing a change in one of them be reflected in the others somehow.

Lip Size and personality

Big lips: According to face reading the person with big lips tend to be very talkative, you can hardly find him silent, he likes to talk a lot and tell stories, he provides a very good company when in a group but if not accompanied with good listeners, people may end up frustrated and nervous of his continues talking. When you want to ask for directions on the street, pick someone with big lips because he will give you full detail on how and where to go.
Small lips: The person with small lips tends to be less talkative. He tends to have his private life separated from others and may hide his internal emotions and feelings. He can also keep secrets for years, unlike the big lip guy who can hardly hold a secret!! Unless having some strong influencing force like religion to hold him from spreading these secrets. This person may be very cautious and not an adventure lover.

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