In truth, right now, you are the ultimate expert in your life. If you don't recognize that you are it is only because you have allowed the so called experts outside yourself to take control of your life. You have allowed them to baffle you with their "bull dung" when they couldn't dazzle you with their brilliance.

It doesn't matter if that so called expert is a doctor, lawyer, minister or therapist, if you are seeking answers to your problems from any source outside yourself, you have give your power away to others.

Our natural state is one of "authentic power". Authentic power allows us to access the knowledge and answers we need for our lives, moment by moment, without having to turn to anyone outside of ourselves to determine the outcome of any circumstance or situation life throws our way.

In order to become the ultimate expert in your own life, you must reclaim your ability to full trust yourself under any and all circumstances. When you don't fully trust yourself, often times, you will end up feeling powerless and ineffective as a human being.

There are many factors, in life, that prevent us from realizing that we are indeed the ultimate experts when it comes to our own lives. The biggest factor is, from the time we were born, we were trained to give our power away to others. We have given our power away to our mothers, fathers, friends, relatives, teachers, ministers, doctors, lawyers and other authority figures in our lives.

Here is how you can tell if you have given your power away to others. Do you ever feel frustrated in regard to a problem you have? Do you finding yourself feeling depressed, hopeless or in despair more often than you would like? When people make insensitive or thoughtless comments to you about what you want to do, do their comments make you doubt yourself?

Do you find it difficult to get a good night's sleep? Do you find yourself feeling stressed out, upset or agitated over the little things in life? If you feel any of these things, they are all indicators that you have given your "authentic power" away to others.

You can begin today, to reclaim your "authentic power" by not allowing your choices in life to be unduly influenced by other people. If others disapprove of your choices, remember, their disapproval of what you want to do is more of a statement about themselves than it is about you.

Anytime you feel someone else is more powerful than you, that is because you have projected your "inner power" onto them. This act of projecting your true power onto others weakens you and takes your further away from experiencing yourself as the "Ultimate Expert" of your own life.

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Frederick Zappone, a former vice president of a national
corporation, has spent most of his adult life observing, writing about and sharing with people his insights about becoming the "Ultimate Expert" in their own lives. Mr. Zappone has appeared as a guest on numerous radio and TV talk shows including the Oprah Winfrey show. If you would like to read additional articles written by Mr. Zappone about reclaiming your authentic power and becoming your own ultimate expert visit his Web Site. URL: