As a professional Tarot Reader I get asked, almost daily, about fate, chance and destiny: “Can I choose my fate or is it predestined?” My answer? Well, fate, chance and destiny are a part of all our lives, so are free will and Karmic lessons.

Free Will
The future is malleable and ever-changing. A Tarot reading can give you a snapshot of what is happening in your life right now, as well as forecast future probabilities based on the present. Remember that power is in the present. Right now! The past got you here, but now it’s gone. The future is on its way, but it’s not here yet. Changes you make in the present – your actions, attitudes, beliefs, behavior, etc. – will affect the future.

Karmic Lessons
There's no way of getting around it, we all have certain "Karmic lessons" we must learn in each lifetime. However, we do get to choose whether we learn them the hard way or the easy way -- essentially choosing our own fate. For example, if you need to learn balance and moderation then plenty of opportunities to learn balance and moderation will appear in your life – some pleasurable, some not. When the lesson is learned the student (you) advances to the next level, and on to the next lesson. This is how we progress and grow.

Fate, Chance & Destiny
Fate, chance and destiny – usually signifying the beginning or end of a cycle – step in at different points on our journey through life to push us in a different direction. A direction that will likely lead us to the fulfillment of a Karmic lesson.

We choose whether we learn our Karmic lessons the hard way or the easy way, at age 19 or age 99, in this lifetime or the next one. So the next time you sit down for a Tarot reading remember that the power is in the present. If you don't like a situation the cards describe, then by all means change it! You create your reality, the cards merely reflect it.

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Zelda has built a reputation over the years for her ability to deliver the Tarot's message in a clear, straightforward manner, with respect for the practice and the client. She can be reached at Zelda's Couch: