One of the greatest additions for modern bathrooms these days, is a free-standing bath located right back to the wall. Over time the design has evolved to make way for a more utilitarian bathroom. We have baths in different designs and sizes but the free-standing back to the wall design is definitely commendable given the fact they give you a few more inches to enjoy the space. 

All about back to wall free-standing baths 

The free-standing back to wall bath can anytime be considered a centre-piece for the space. Especially when you have bathroom renovations in mind what else can add more value to the space than such a majestic addition? Considering that not all bathrooms are luxuriously big, designers are constantly working on ideas to put an end to the struggle by introducing the much appealing free-standing baths in Perth which are petite and are equally stunning and functional as standard baths. We have seen how free-standing baths take up unnecessary space and disappoint us by cramming up the area. This time, it’s about a fairly different concept where the bath despite being free-standing is pushed to the walls allowing you to enjoy the bathing corner to your contentment. 

Our love for the free-standing back to the wall set-up 

Not much long ago, designers came up with this unique bathtub design which makes maximum out of minimal space. One of the chief points other than our fetish to enjoy more floor space in the bathroom is our need to ensure the bathroom is well cleaned, which has prompted us to pick this strangely beautiful bath concept. Although standard free-standing baths are lovely to look at, there is no denying the fact that they consume extra space, making it hard for us to clean corners around the bathrooms. The free-standing back to the wall bath is designated towards a particular wall and will not take up the entire floor space. They chastely fit around a corner allowing us to experience the luxuriousness of the space. 

Everyone is literally going crazy over free-standing back-to-the-wall bath but why? 

A free-standing bath may be the desire of many but only a few can afford it owing to the expanse of space it needs to get installed. Hence the back-to-wall free-standing bath has emerged to quench our yearning in a subtle and functional way. Renovators have come up with the back to wall free-standing cheap baths in Perth which are designed based on practicality. They will give the desired look and feel to the bathroom without letting us feel the lack of space. 

The designer will include this favourite bath into the tiniest of space, with its support against the wall. Remember how you used to get that icky feel every time you came across wet and unclean tiled flooring just because some areas of the bathroom would remain unclean for weeks due to lack of access? Now that renovators have suggested the free-standing back-to-wall bath, you will have oodles of reasons to smile. Your bathroom is all set to invite that welcoming feel. 

Author-bio: the author is a bathroom designing specialist who holds considerable knowledge about free-standing and attached baths in Perth. In recent times the author has been sharing concepts pertaining to baths. 

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Back-to-wall free-standing baths are the answer to a bathroom with limited space. Have a look at why people are widely opting for such beautiful baths.