Expecting mothers have so much running around to do before their precious angel comes into the world- arranging all baby clothes, planning what cradle and pram to buy and the list just goes on and on. What husbands and close friends can do is plan a fancy baby shower. It’s nothing but a celebration to welcome the expected baby.

Now planning a baby shower is also no easy task. But the perfect baby shower is where there are a number of baby shower games. The idea with these games is to just create a joyful celebratory mood and have everyone involved. Here are some fun baby shower games that you can play:

‘Name that baby tune’ (play a CD of songs that have the words ‘baby’ or ‘babe’ in it and ask all the guests to write down their guesses. Whoever gets the most right, wins a gift), ‘Paint your bib’ (you can arrange for simple and inexpensive bibs and get the guests to use paints and sparkles to design their own bib!), ‘Pregnant Twister’ (this is a hilarious game where all the guests are made to wear false bellies and play the game on the Twister mat), ‘Don’t Call Me Baby’ (everyone cannot use the word ‘baby’ in their conversations and the ones who do, are out of the game!).

A great way to get the shower rolling is by playing the baby shower game ‘Who’s that baby?’ This works best with large groups. You can showcase baby photos in the form of a presentation and everyone has to guess who that photo belongs to. You can make it even more fun by using celebrity baby photos!

These baby shower games are extremely fun and the whole point of them is to engage the guests and really celebrate the baby coming home soon. Of course, these are just a few examples of the baby shower games one could play. Many are just conjured out of thin air and are a lot of fun as well!

Of course, no baby shower is complete without lots of baby shower presents. The best baby shower presents are obviously the ones the mom and baby can use. Some popular baby shower presents include: a baby bath kit, a cot/pram, an array of baby clothes, a bassinet, a diaper genie and a baby photo album to capture all the important moments in the baby’s life. These baby shower presents are most useful and also help the new mommy since she doesn’t have to hunt too much to buy these things.

Personalized baby shower presents are also great. You could put together a collage of the mommy’s photographs during her pregnancy; you could frame a gorgeous photograph of the new mommy and have it signed by her close friends or colleagues.

A baby shower involves a lot of planning. But when it actually falls into place, it is absolutely delightful. What helps is taking care of the baby shower gifts and baby shower presents because once these are taken care of, that’s almost half the battle won.

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