Question of why some people heal, while others do not is not only interesting, but also very complex. When you begin to think about it and evaluate the reasons, it brings us to the path of discovering what true holistic approach to healing means. It helps us see why such an approach is so important. We must not neglect neither of its parts especially the spiritual element. Taking time to investigate our soul and spirit will bring about knowledge that will help us begin to understand why it is that some people heal, and some do not.

How Your Biography Becomes Your Biology

While doing her intuitive readings, Myss came to creation and understanding of a concept that our biography becomes our biology. Through her readings and experience she studied causes and diseases and while doing that, she began to access person’s biography in her readings. She says that she realized very quickly that while doing her readings she was reading ones biography which with time became his/her biology.

We create our own reality, or more correctly, we are capable of creating our own reality.

Myss explains to us that her experience taught her to use her readings to look for places where we are investing the circuits of our life energy. By following those circuits she began drawing out person’s traumatic memories, and negative attitudes, which are part of biography and keep incurring what she refers to as a biological debt. As we expand our life energy on these areas we are left with less and less life energy to expand on our present state of health and being. She points out to us, that this is how our biography becomes our biology and how we become one with our history. Unless we are willing and manage to let go of past events, reconcile them and forgive, we will carry the biological debt they create for us in our cell tissue and be further and further from total health with every day we let go by in that state.

Healing may be unattractive

We may be lead to believe that every person wants to be completely healed and healthy. Myss recognized through her studies that not everyone is ready to be healed or cured. The perception that everyone wants to be healed is very inaccurate in the real world. It seems to be very true that everyone wants to be out of physical pain, but not everyone truly wants to be healed of their illness. Very often we will encounter people who are not willing to let go of the environment that their illness creates for them. This, most often, is the case because they may see “becoming healthy” as a state where they would be lonely. This fear of being alone is connected to a belief that if one is healthy, he/she will not need anyone and will not have any emotional issues to share with people. People are, consciously or subconsciously, afraid that others will see no reason to be with them because their emotional issues and those connected to their illness will not exist anymore. This belief is a great handicap to healing, but many people feel that they would lose their connections and relationships if they were to lose the wounds and hurts that they share with others around them. Many times we will see this at work as we observe people rejecting to heal (consciously or subconsciously) and benefit from modalities that helped many others and could truly help them as well.

To find their way to healing, people first have to regain control of their power and stop giving all of their power to their wounds. By losing their power, they also lose their spirit and create a situation in which they cannot possibly manage to heal.


Human language of intimacy is often largely based on wounds. Myss defines “woundology” as our first language of intimacy. It is the bases on which most human relationships are built from. This is where the first handicap to healing people lies: giving our wounds so much power!

Until we learn to stop giving so much power to our wounds and learn to achieve self-esteem by celebrating our strengths, we will not be able to overcome this obstacle to healing. Largely, as humans, we still do not have the knowledge and ability to allow ourselves to be healthy without having to apologize for our strength.

We can see many examples of this around us among people from all walks of life. If we only listen to what people say, we will be able to identify some of the wounds that they surrender their power to. Often this attachment to wounds happens because people realize the power that they create for them and begin to use them to manipulate various situations. We often see people who use their conditions as reasons to have people visit them and spend time with them believing on some level of their psyche that without that condition those people would have no reason to spend time with them. Through many different ways and examples we can see how people in a way become addicted to their wounds or illness and create enormous obstacles to healing.

What can we do about it?

Tending to our health and approaching healing from purely mechanical and physical form will not allow us to achieve the balance and return our strength and power that our being requires, in order to heal and become healthy. This is true not only when we turn to synthetic drugs, but also when we turn to natural protocols. Unless we pay attention to all of the required areas including physical, mental and spiritual parts of our being, we will not be able to successfully bring and maintain health in our lives. The starting point can be in either of these areas, but all of them must be included at the same level of importance.

By identifying our wounds and hurts that we gave power to, we will be able to face them and deal with them in a way that we will eventually claim back our power and release them. By letting go of the excuses we justify by our wounds, we will be able to move towards release of those wounds and to stop giving them so much power over our life. By letting go of victim dialogue and language of “woundology” we will be on the path to greater strength within.

Through this process we will most likely not always be comfortable. Often we will find ourselves being intimidated by what lies ahead and what our life and relationships will look like. At those times we must be strong. We must work to keep ourselves in the “now” because giving power back to our wounds will just create more damage and more obstacles on our path to healing.

Understanding our life experience(s) directly impacts our well being and degree to which we are able to take responsibility for ourselves and our health.
Empowering healing is about leading one to his/her own place of power from where he/she can make wise choices and decisions to create and care for personal wellness.

Thank you for the honor to provide assistance somewhere along the way on your own personal journey of empowerment and creation of personal holistic lifestyle for wellness.

In Health, Abundance, Love, and Light,

Daniela Sales
Reiki Master Teacher & Wellness Consultant

The Avokado Studio of Arts for Creative Living

Myss, Caroline. (2001). Why People Don’t Heal. Boulder: Sounds True

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