Hey Reader! Would you be interested in developing a grocery delivery app that brings in users? The grocery app development is sure to trap users as grocery delivery is the need of the hour. Be it the pandemic or the tight work-from-home schedules, people are having a tough time to visit grocery shops. Instead the delivery services have come handy as they can buy groceries and get them delivered instantly.

Here, you will have a brief idea on Instacart clone app development for your grocery business. The app will jack-up your business to a high level as it will guarantee an amazing user experience through its feature-set.

First, let us take a look at the business models that can be employed in the grocery delivery business.

Business models of grocery business

  • Aggregator model
  • Store pick-up model
  • Warehouse model
  • Hybrid model

Aggregator model

The Aggregator model is one of the most popular business models. Here, you will be joining hands with grocery suppliers or stores and supply groceries via your delivery persons. Users will select a grocery store, choose the items, and make the payment. The grocery store will pack the groceries, and dispatch them via the delivery personnel.

Store pick-up model

The store pick-up model is also called click and collect model. Here, users will be ordering their referred groceries through the app but they will be collecting them in-person. This model offers higher convenience to users as they can collect their groceries at their preferable time.

Warehouse model

Here, you will own a warehouse to stock up all your groceries. You can buy groceries directly from producers or from wholesale suppliers and store them in your warehouse. Based on your user’s request, you can deliver the groceries through your delivery fleet.

Hybrid model

The hybrid model is a combination of both store pick-up and warehouse model. Of the above list of business models, you can choose the one that is favorable to the location of your business and also the budget. If you have enough money to own a warehouse, you can adopt the warehouse model. Similarly, if you run a budget-friendly business, you can go for an aggregator model.

Instacart clone and its features

  • Real-time tracking
  • Geolocation
  • Availability toggle
  • Schedule delivery
  • Estimated arrival time
  • Order history
  • Push notifications

I hope that these details are sufficient to know about the grocery delivery business. Launching the Instacart clone will help you tuck in customers, for sure.

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